Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Denis Sologub

Wonderful country, wonderful tour, friendly stuff and days full of adventures! That was simply the great trip with so many beautiful places and amazing nature. You should definitely plan your next holidays and uncover Azerbaijan with the help of this company! You will be grateful later!

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Heba Obeidi

That was one of the most unforgettable trips that I have ever had! Thank you for that. Me and my friend visited so many National Parks, had such a great time with a very friendly guide, who did the maximum to make us happy during every minute of our tour. I have to say that my favorite place was Shirvan National Park! We had a chance to see mud volcanoes, which are really so rare. Everyone should see these places. 
Overall, the trip was amazing!

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Dany Batrouni

It was a great pleasure to travel with your company. We had a perfect journey around Azerbaijan from the very first moment of the trip, till departure. Our guide was so attentive to every detail, he had answers to all our questions. The tour included many destinations of the country and we felt the spirit of Azerbaijan by visiting museums, mosques, natural reserve, old villages and many other picturesque places. We give a great recommendation to the Cultural tour to Azerbaijan. Hope we will be back again soon to discover more. Thank you for such good memories.

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Antonio & Rebecca

Thank you for organizing our trip to Georgia. We booked the tour with so many churches and monasteries, and it was amazing! During the trip, you can feel how deep run the roots of the faith in Georgia and the strong correlation between strength of religion and prospering democracy. This journey was the perfect combination of spiritual, cultural and historical sights of Georgia.

Thank you once again for a great job, Rima.
Looking for the next trip with MyGeo!
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Lucas Hernandez

Just returned from Georgia and wanted to share with you our amazing experience. Our perfect guide …  showed us so many beautiful places during these short days. It was a pity that we couldn’t prolong the trip because of our schedule. The accommodation in Tbilisi was very comfortable and located in the heart of the Old Town.

I definitely recommend this journey with Mygeo tours!

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Clara, Vanessa and Eva

We really enjoyed this tour organized by MyGeo Team. The hotels were clean and comfortable. Our driver Karen was very experienced and always got us to our destinations on time.
Our guide Vazha knows so much about every spot we stopped and was very happy to answer all of our questions.
We highly recommend this tour and will be back again for sure.
P.S. This route starting from Kutaisi gave us a chance to get very cheap flights from Warsaw.
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Audrey Newton

We have a great private art tour to Georgia which was nicely planned by Rima. I couldn’t think that such a tiny country could be full of gorgeous galleries. I liked especially the Contemporary Art Gallery in Tbilisi. The guide was very helpful, open and knowledgeable. We have learnt a lot from him. The hotel Tiflis in Tbilisi was very comfortable and had very helpful staff.

I spend great time with this great company.
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Philippe and Emilie

Hi Rima,
The tour was amazing. Our instructor, whose name I am still having a hard time to pronounce was a really amazing person and very experienced instructor. We felt very safe with him during the whole flight. We enjoyed the paragliding experience and everything about the service. It was a very friendly and enjoyable time.
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Maxime and Patrick

Dear MyGeo team,
The trip was very nice and interesting with beautiful sights and monasteries. This Package really allowed us to “uncover” the main and beautiful spots of Georgia. Our guide Tamaz was a very friendly, knowledgeable and great person to travel with. We were very satisfied with the included lunches. All of the meals were organized in very good restaurants both in Tbilisi and different regions of Georgia.

I really recommend discovering this exceptional Country with its hidden treasures.

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Susan and David

Want to let you know that we really enjoyed our holiday in Georgia. It was short though quite a busy tour. The hotels choice was good. Georgia is a country of amazing landscapes, sceneries, food and culture. Our guide Tazo was very passionate and knowledgeable about his country, he always took care of us. Please again pass our greetings and gratitude to him. We would definitely recommend your company to our friends.

Susan and David
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Andrew and Michael

I am back to Montreal and Michael is back to LA, but we are both in the Caucasus in mind. It was a lovely trip. Thanks for giving us the best guide we ever had through our tours. Vazha - our guide in Georgia is really exceptional, knowledge of his country, history was deep. His English was great. He was very careful about what we want and understood our preferences perfectly. Our guide in Azerbaijan was Ahmed - again with a good knowledge of his country though English was not so good as Vazha’s. We enjoyed trips to both countries, but as for me, Georgia is still my top favourite.

Thank you for everything.
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Linda Jensen

We chose the cave tour to Georgia as it covered most of the places we were interested in visiting doing research about this wonderful country. Caves are our passion, monasteries and caves we visited in Georgia are of huge interest and mystery. You can feel the real spirit of Christianity in Georgian monasteries, it totally fills your soul with mixed emotions, feelings just no words to explain the power and my admiration. Rich history, culture, beautiful architecture, so many things that left me speechless during our tour. Thank you for putting all together so well and for sparing no effort to make our tour so memorable. Highly recommend this tour and agent.

Best wishes,
Linda Jensen
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