Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Tomas Heinz

The trip was excellent. It was a little bit short to enjoy the country the fullest but we enjoyed our weekend very much. Thank you for the arrangements. 


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Robert Hole

Thanks to the My Geo team for arranging the weekend trip for me and my friend last minute. We had a great time. Will definitely come back in summer.

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Kate Fining

It was a fantastic weekend I was really looking forward to. Thanks for arranging this trip for me and Judith. Would love to stay a bit longer to see more and try more Georgian dishes. Our guide Alex was amazing in delivering information on the sites we visited.

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Philippa White

 I was supposed to have a business trip in Tbilisi, Georgia so took the weekend trip to see some of the wonders of this amazing and unique country. Thanks for this experience, Sati. I took back to UK a bottle of Georgian wine with me.

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Arthur Heaume

One might think two days are too few to manage to see a country, its culture, history and sites but I would say we saw quite much within these 2 days and the trip and sites included in the itinerary were truly well-planned. The nature and wine was wonderful. Thank you again our tour manager Sati and the whole team of My Geo.

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Anne Johnson

I booked the weekend tour to Georgia for my family of 4. This was a wonderful trip. My kids were happy with the trip. Our guide was excellent.

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George Miller

Didn’t truly expect this would be a so lovely weekend. I enjoyed myself in strolling around Tbilisi, tasting Georgian wine in Signagi. I guess I will need to return some day to experience more of this region.

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Maria Gritsevskaya

Wanted to see the different sights of Azerbaijan and decided to book this tour. This was a great way to see the country! The organization was perfect and we had no stress with the whole booking process. You feel more like you are hanging out with a family member rather than a tour guide. Very personable and very knowledgeable about the sites and history. Highly recommend!

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Stuart Parkin

I visited Azerbaijan for my first time and I discovered it is a fabulous country.My trips became more fun, exciting and comfortable, thanks to the tour organizers, they were very friendly, well English speakers, informative and always happy to help. They simply made my visit a memorable one.

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Maureen Ong

We were a group of experienced tourists that are in love with nature. We were gladly surprised with our journey. Perfect guide, experienced driver, friendly people, wonderful nature. Every single day was so well organized and planned. We did not have any discomfort during our stays at the hotels or transferring from one destination to others, that happen quiet lot during group traveling. It was really a high-class service. Besides, the tour was planned perfectly, there were many different locations and trip was various. 

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Heba Obeidi

There are so many National parks in this beautiful country! And I loved all of them! Thank you for giving me the chance to spend my days so well. I think I visited 5 or more parks with picturesque forests, mountains, mud volcanoes, seaside cities. It was a great experience. I will definitely go back to this country to get known to the other parts of it. 

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Mauren Ong

As I am a solo traveler, it is very important for me to have an attentive and friendly guide who will give me a good company during the tour. I really felt like I had a friend with me who made my days funny, adventurous, with full of information about everything. I had a chance to discover the nature of Azerbaijan, and remarkable places. 

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