Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Jenny, Margaret, Bob & Bert

Thank you for organizing this amazing trip for our small group.
Jenny, Margaret, Bob and I (Bert) were very satisfied by the service of MyGeo Trip travel agency. Our travel agent Sati did her best to make our trip as interesting as possible. We have visited many monasteries, tried various types of wines, and eaten way too much food. Georgian food is absolutely delicious; the best ones were Georgian Khinkalis. We stayed in 4* hotels which had good ratings. The one in Tbilisi was the best one. It was very clean, the staff was very friendly and breakfast was good too. Not to forget, Sandro, despite his age, he has a very good experience. He was taking good care of us like we were a family. It was a very good trip and we are hoping to come to Georgia again, maybe for some hiking.
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Robert & Melanie

Hello Tatev,
Robert and I are home again and would like to thank you for the amazing trip you have created for us. We couldn’t be happier with the way you put up a travel program. The tour went amazing! Our guide, Tazo, was an exceptional guide with perfect knowledge of Georgian history. Please send our regards to him as well. We will remember this tour for a very long time. Robert took 100+ pictures while travelling I will definitely send some to you as well.

Thank you for making our trip to Georgia so memorable.

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Ellena Chupreto

Thank you so much for the organization of the tour to Georgia. We were on a journey in July and had Summer Tour to Georgia. We have so many photos and impressions. Special thanks to the guide, Alex, for interesting facts and stories. Most memorable was Mtskheta and Tbilisi Botanical Garden. It was very interesting to learn about the culture, history and customs of these people.

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Kim Agius

Trekking Tour
Guide: I must say a big well done to the guides; Tazo, Lado and Guro, and also to the driver. They were simply and truly amazing!!!!!! When we come back, I am going to request them!!!! They were not only very professional, but very flexible, had wonderful and positive energy and very good work ethics. Everyone loved them! Please do let them know as they really made the trip exceptional!
Driver: see above
Car: Very good!!
Hotels: I would rate the accommodation from ‘excellent’ to ‘we could do better.’
Gudauri: excellent. Very well kept, nice and clean rooms, delicious food, friendly staff, great location
Kazbegi: amazingly excellent. Very very pretty, delicious food, lovely rooms.
Tbilisi: Average. Rooms were basic, location was out of the center. However, staff was very very nice and breakfast was really good.
Kutaisi: Average. Great location, rooms were nice. However, the hotel is very disorganised. They didn’t clean our rooms, we had no towels, staff were fighting and shouting in the reception, breakfast was very poor. If they change the management, they will do so much better as the hotel has lots of options.
What did you like best about your trip?
The guides, the itinerary, the country.
What didn’t you like about the trip?
What would you add to your trip?
Nil…I wouldn’t change a thing!!!
Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Definitely. Heartfelt thanks to Lusine for being so efficient and so professional since Day 1!
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We spent an excellent holiday! Everything was perfectly planned and managed! Hotels in Tbilisi and Borjomi were adorable with a good location and design. We had surprisingly quick check-in and decent service. The guide, Sandro, and the driver were very friendly and let us feel genuine Georgian hospitality. Our guide’s abilities were extremely high and we had a perfect driver.
Tour program was saturated and included additional showplaces we had not to have on our itinerary. We loved everything!
Thank you very much for your great work and hospitality!
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Hilmar Delijanis

Hello Diana,
Back in Germany I want to give you our feedback per mail: The tour program was all in all satisfied. We had Vazha as driver and guide and he was one of the best we ever had. His english and knowledge were extremly good. Also the car for the tour. We recommend your company to our friends and relatives. The tour we had in Armenia was not satiesfied and the car and driver was medium and I will write to Arara-tour seperate.
Thank you very much and all the best,
Hilmar Delijanis Wolf Petz
Greetings from Germany!
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Jarkko and Lauri

We are just back to Tempere safe and sound!
The tour was fascinating and we enjoyed much! Especially we loved Kazbegi and wineries in Kakheti. Our guide Vazha was very skilled and had answers on every question we had according to our itinerary. Every day was full of surprises. Vazha suggested up bars and restaurants with a great service. The car was very cozy with proper equipment and air con. In Kakheti we visited several wineries. Our visit to Chumlaki was unforgettable! We had lunch in the traditional rural environment and listened to folk music! We had a lot of fun making Georgian food ourselves and participating in wine making!
Hotel in Tbilisi was comfortable. The rooms were not very big but very clean with WiFi and satellite TV. We loved the most we could have chosen time for breakfast ourselves. The staff was very friendly and alert. In Kakheti it was first time experience to stay in a guest house and we did not expect much, so as a result we were wondered of the comfort and delicious meal! At the end, we wanna add a special note of Kazbegi. It was totally wild and unrepeatable place we could not have imagined!
Thank you very much for the wonderful holiday!
Jarkko and Lauri, Tampere / Finland
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Jeep tour we took led us to Svaneti. I am impressed of nature and local cuisine. The first day in Mestia we visited museums and next day culture centre. We did not know Georgia has so colourful regional diversities.
Our guide, Tamaz, also was a driver and had deep knowledge of sightseeing and history. He suggested up places for having a meal and they all were great. We had an exciting tour in Prometheus cave and took a boat trip in the. It was one of the most memorable spots in our trip as Ushguli village and trekking to the glacier in Svaneti.
Next year we are booking some lowland tour of your company to explore Georgia more. Thanks for the wise planning and reasonable prices.
Overall, the trip was done very well and we got extra joy in the natural spa with a honey massage in Tbilisi Abano.
I recommended your company to my colleagues and relatives.
Thanks for everything,
Harald, 2 travellers
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Me and my family had amazing days in Georgia!
Local food and wines were gorgeous, the wineries and family dinners are unforgettable! It was my first time to experience such hospitality!
Hotel rooms were very cozy and Tbilisi and Kakheti. We had the best service.
All was great, thanks for your great work!
Georgia on my mind! A beautiful country!
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Lise and Vaida

Well, I decided to share with you our trip experience. First of all, I want to thank you for a skilled guide. He did his best and made for our awesome city tours. We have seen Tbilisi from different views as tourists and as native inhabitants. He showed us the best shopping areas and a flea market, cosy restaurants and bars. Dancing show in Kalanda was just wow! We bought souvenirs for our families and friends. Wine samplings both in Tbilisi and Kakheti was fantastic, especially wine museum left the incredible impression.
I am missing these wonderful Georgian days!
Thank you for the extremely good time we have spent!
Lise and Vaida, females from Oslo / Norway
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I want to express my gratitude to your company for the great organized tour. This week spent in Georgia will be always on my mind. Everything was good, from food to trekking paths shown by my guide Tazo. During this time we became freinds and I was literally impressed by his professional and personal skills. Being a sophisticated traveller it was a shock to me exploring so much in highlands. Abudelauri lakes were hard to reach and as a trophy I got memorable view and atmosphere. Camping in Juta is small but decently equipped, though meal was not abundant. I had a chance to meet interesting people. Overall, the tour was not fussy, I had time for everything and the most awesome was to observe the rough contrast between hiking in the nature and city tours later. I highly recommend your company to my friends and travelers.
Wish you all the best,
Martin, single traveler from Spain
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Karthik and Preena

Greetings from Mumbai again, we reached home yesterday very safe. Thank you for the great tour! It’s one of the best trips we ever had with Preena!  I was very satisfied with the itinerary adjusted for a family with kids. The destinations were not long and we enjoyed tranquil days. Restaurants in Tbilisi and tows were chosen wisely and we had a great different menu daily!
Hotel in Tbilisi had good service. They provided us with a comfortable big room with great city views. In Batumi, we had to take a car trip to reach the city centre but we are satisfied with the place as our hotel situated on the seafront.
Your company management is very thoughtful and responsible, our guide was a great companion, he made us feel happy locals. We used a comfortable car and I want to say a separate thank to our driver who considered all the details and provided very handy kids seats!
Best regards,
Karthik and family from Mumbai with 2 kids.
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