Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Paul Richard

Me and my friends have been traveling around the world for such a long time and I may say, that was one of the best and impressive trips that we have ever been to.  All of us are lovers of nature and it seems, Georgia has got various and a very beautiful landscape. We visited so many different places, caves, waterfalls, mountains, old churches… and all that together in one trip – guided by a very friendly and joyful guide. I am sure we will travel back to your country again and explore other beautiful places, that we didn’t see the previous time.

With love,

Paul Richard

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Ellen Meyer

I still can’t keep my emotions about what I’ve seen! That was PRETTY AMAZING! What a beautiful country, what a lovely people… and Svaneti - such a wonderful place! Every single person should visit this place once in a lifetime. Those nature, mountains, fresh air, views, sights – everything is so adorable. The only thing I can say is – People all over the world should definitely travel to Georgia, visit Svaneti! let you plan their trip and enjoy their time as much as I did that!


Ellen Meyer,


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Samuel Davis

So happy that we had the chance to visit Georgia and to be guided by your company! We visited so many religious sights, churches, monasteries… It was a perfectly planned trip for religious people like me and my wife. Our guide gave us all the detailed information about every destination. He was so attentive and professional!
Great recommendations to all pilgrim tourists who plan to visit your beautiful country. Hope to meet you again!

Samuel Davis,


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Julie Berber

Really great and helpful staff, everything was perfect organized. Especially thanks for guides who are fully professional and share with huge experience to each other. Team in the office is very nice and friendly also. Climb on Mount Kazbek was pleasure with you. It was the best trip of our life. we have lots of memories there and we wish to visit Georgia again. Thanks for whole team and see you!

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Dave Smith

Trek to Georgia were brilliant, they created a horse-riding, wine tasting, cultural tour. Everything was well organised, the accommodation was great and the food was delicious, our guide was extremely knowledgable about history and culture and we learned a lot. Georgia is a wild and breathtaking country. Our guide was really helpful and professional not only with trekking routes but also on historical sites. During the short time in Georgia we had the opportunity to enjoy its natural beauty and the rich culture, and the world-famous wine of course. It's truly an unforgettable experience! highly recommended!

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Lukas Nagasaky

Incredible, Unbelievable, Breathtaking, Extraordinary. I am short of words to describe the whole experience in brief. I could actually write a poem-essay to share my whole experience here. The place is very beautiful and a must-visit, especially for budget traveling. The landscape is marvelous. Walking from the parking place to the Gergeti Trinity Church causes some exhaustion in the lungs. No wonder you are already as high as 2600 meters from the sea level. The landscape is dominated by Caucasus mountains. One of the highest peaks Mt Kazbegi 5047 m can be seen here. The view from the Church is fantastic and unforgettable.

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Gabriele Petraviciute

That was my first time in Georgia, and it’s my favorite place in the world for now!! Due to the best guys we saw picturesque landscapes, beautiful mountains and ruins of ancient towers! Great tour and the guide was a real nice person who made every effort to make our trip enjoyable and he was entertaining too. I’ll be happy to see this country again!! Thank a lot for unforgettable memories!

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Paul Wehner

Thank you for such an amazing day. I did a lot of research before choosing my tour and I'm glad I choose this trip. My guide has been one amazing tour guide, crazy and fun. He made it such an interesting day thanks to his great personality. The scenery I saw on this trip are once in a lifetime. Georgia has it all: from beautiful traditional neighborhoods, rafting adventures, horse riding through forests and scooter riding with camping near the river and much more. I definitely recommend this tour. Thank you 

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Laura and Joseph Jones

We are back with so many joyful impressions and feelings of our trip. And we already miss Georgian, warming smiles of its inhabitants, the exceptionally delicious Georgian food and of course the mountains. Our guide Tom became our friend, such a nice guy. Thanks for all your efforts and fast arrangements Sati. Best of luck to the whole wonderful tea of My Geo. You are doing a great job!

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Kate Henderson

Me and my husband have been planning to visit Georgia for more than 5 years and every time we had some obstacles. We finally did make this unforgettable decision and are back so happy and excited. Many thanks to our tour manager Sati who helped us with the perfect planning of our trip. Definitely coming back to the Caucasus some time later for Armenia. This is another pearl of the Caucasus. I certainly recommend my Geo tour to anybody interested in the Caucasus and perfect service. 

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Leslie Morris

Thanks for organizing the cultural tour to Georgia for us. This was one of the best travel experiences we had. The cost for the trip was very reasonable for the service we received. The tour agent communication was easy and fast as our demands were quickly met, the guide provided was fine, the hotels were great. The country and people were lovely. We would love to return one day. 

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George Hill

We had some Georgian friends who suggested us visiting Georgia one day. That’s how we decided to pick this destination after visiting 67 countries around the world and we do not regret. Georgia is a good option for a family trip. We visited so many lovely sites in the itinerary and enjoyed our free day at the end of the trip. I would mention some of my most beloved places but the names are hard to pronounce. The canyon Okase, Prometheus cave, capital Tbilisi. Nature is so catchy and beautiful. Hotels choice was good, it’s a pity some regional hotels did not have spare family room. Our guide Katy was friendly and helpful and always happy to share her knowledge and information about her country. Me and my family had a great time. 

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