Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Jack, Oliver & Brenda

Best Adventure in Georgia (Tbilisi) is a great travel and adventure with very nice service for, it was very well organized, beautiful tours you cannot forget them, thank you. Georgia is a fascinating country and this trip gave a chance to taste the mountains, visit a beach resort and explore the capital. It was varied and comfortable but left me feeling like I had seen rather than learnt about or really experienced Georgia!

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Henry Brooks

Thank you for the wonderful tour experience around Georgia and for a wonderful and companionable time with us. Besides the unexpected weather conditions at a few tours stop.
This tour experience is worth remembering and would highly recommend your services on our next visit along with more friends and family.
Skiing on the Mountains of Georgia and finding more about the history and cultural heritage was a worthy experience. We were very happy!
We all enjoy your company and appreciate your time with us in Georgia and will be looking forward to meeting and spending time with you in the future.
We wish you well in your future travels!
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Daniel & Brenda

We decided to have an art Tour in one of the countries of Eastern Europe and stumbled upon MyGeotrip.
It was an amazing experience. We learned a lot about the culture, the Art and the Architectural peculiarities of the country.
The Khareba Winery that lies deep in the mountainside. Was quite interesting. Our guide, Vazha, was able to explain in detail how the wine is made in clay pots using the qvervi method, a tradition going back 8000 years! You really must try the grapes in this winery as they are tasty and so huge. We also had a chance to make Georgian bread and sweets. I would also highly recommend the grape oil for sale.
Another great experience was Batumi and Mtskheta. It was a trip with wonderful sights to see.
The driver absolutely friendly and trustable - I really hope to go back to Georgia that is an underrated country, and will for sure contact MyGeotrip again to see more of the country.
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Sophia Newton & Martin Banker

Georgia has been in our bucket list for a long time. MyGeotrip caught our eye immediately. It’s a beautiful country with an amazing culture. Our Tour guide Alex was very knowledgeable and caring. We had lost our baggage and together with the Agency handled it within a day and our luggage was with us after we returned from our tour around the city.

Georgia was amazing and we loved every bit!

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Christopher & Sandra Smiths

MyGeo Trip organized our tour to Georgia and Armenia. They did an excellent job!
We were very happy with both guides in Georgia and Armenia. In Tbilisi with had Sandro as our guide. He was very ambitious and knowledgeable. We had a spacious and comfortable vehicle in Georgia. It was very clean, the driver was very punctual, although he was driving a little fast, as we realized, everyone drives fast in Georgia. In Armenia we had our wonderful guide Avet, he was also the driver. The car was good, a spacious SUV. He met us on the border with a big smile. We knew that we were going to enjoy our trip to Armenia as we did in Georgia. Our hotels were located in the centre of the capitals, so we had very easy access to all the main destinations. We had 4-star hotels, as the price difference was not that big.

We will certainly recommend MyGeo trip to our friends!

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Andrea & Mike

Gamarjoba Eduard,
this was the only word we could pronounce after several tries. Our guide Alex made sure we learn at least this one which means Hello! Georgia is an amazing country, and it is not a surprise why everyone loves to travel to your country. Your wine good, I mean really good. We have been to many wineries in Georgia which was in our itinerary. But the best one was in the Chateau. We have taken a couple of bottles with us to Australia, for our friends to try too. The worst part of the trip was that it was too short. We will definitely visit your beautiful country next year for more days to explore other parts of it.
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Jenny, Margaret, Bob & Bert

Thank you for organizing this amazing trip for our small group.
Jenny, Margaret, Bob and I (Bert) were very satisfied by the service of MyGeo Trip travel agency. Our travel agent Sati did her best to make our trip as interesting as possible. We have visited many monasteries, tried various types of wines, and eaten way too much food. Georgian food is absolutely delicious; the best ones were Georgian Khinkalis. We stayed in 4* hotels which had good ratings. The one in Tbilisi was the best one. It was very clean, the staff was very friendly and breakfast was good too. Not to forget, Sandro, despite his age, he has a very good experience. He was taking good care of us like we were a family. It was a very good trip and we are hoping to come to Georgia again, maybe for some hiking.
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Robert & Melanie

Hello Tatev,
Robert and I are home again and would like to thank you for the amazing trip you have created for us. We couldn’t be happier with the way you put up a travel program. The tour went amazing! Our guide, Tazo, was an exceptional guide with perfect knowledge of Georgian history. Please send our regards to him as well. We will remember this tour for a very long time. Robert took 100+ pictures while travelling I will definitely send some to you as well.

Thank you for making our trip to Georgia so memorable.

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Ellena Chupreto

Thank you so much for the organization of the tour to Georgia. We were on a journey in July and had Summer Tour to Georgia. We have so many photos and impressions. Special thanks to the guide, Alex, for interesting facts and stories. Most memorable was Mtskheta and Tbilisi Botanical Garden. It was very interesting to learn about the culture, history and customs of these people.

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Kim Agius

Trekking Tour
Guide: I must say a big well done to the guides; Tazo, Lado and Guro, and also to the driver. They were simply and truly amazing!!!!!! When we come back, I am going to request them!!!! They were not only very professional, but very flexible, had wonderful and positive energy and very good work ethics. Everyone loved them! Please do let them know as they really made the trip exceptional!
Driver: see above
Car: Very good!!
Hotels: I would rate the accommodation from ‘excellent’ to ‘we could do better.’
Gudauri: excellent. Very well kept, nice and clean rooms, delicious food, friendly staff, great location
Kazbegi: amazingly excellent. Very very pretty, delicious food, lovely rooms.
Tbilisi: Average. Rooms were basic, location was out of the center. However, staff was very very nice and breakfast was really good.
Kutaisi: Average. Great location, rooms were nice. However, the hotel is very disorganised. They didn’t clean our rooms, we had no towels, staff were fighting and shouting in the reception, breakfast was very poor. If they change the management, they will do so much better as the hotel has lots of options.
What did you like best about your trip?
The guides, the itinerary, the country.
What didn’t you like about the trip?
What would you add to your trip?
Nil…I wouldn’t change a thing!!!
Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Definitely. Heartfelt thanks to Lusine for being so efficient and so professional since Day 1!
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We spent an excellent holiday! Everything was perfectly planned and managed! Hotels in Tbilisi and Borjomi were adorable with a good location and design. We had surprisingly quick check-in and decent service. The guide, Sandro, and the driver were very friendly and let us feel genuine Georgian hospitality. Our guide’s abilities were extremely high and we had a perfect driver.
Tour program was saturated and included additional showplaces we had not to have on our itinerary. We loved everything!
Thank you very much for your great work and hospitality!
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Hilmar Delijanis

Hello Diana,
Back in Germany I want to give you our feedback per mail: The tour program was all in all satisfied. We had Vazha as driver and guide and he was one of the best we ever had. His english and knowledge were extremly good. Also the car for the tour. We recommend your company to our friends and relatives. The tour we had in Armenia was not satiesfied and the car and driver was medium and I will write to Arara-tour seperate.
Thank you very much and all the best,
Hilmar Delijanis Wolf Petz
Greetings from Germany!
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