Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Andrew and Michael

I am back to Montreal and Michael is back to LA, but we are both in the Caucasus in mind. It was a lovely trip. Thanks for giving us the best guide we ever had through our tours. Vazha - our guide in Georgia is really exceptional, knowledge of his country, history was deep. His English was great. He was very careful about what we want and understood our preferences perfectly. Our guide in Azerbaijan was Ahmed - again with a good knowledge of his country though English was not so good as Vazha’s. We enjoyed trips to both countries, but as for me, Georgia is still my top favourite.

Thank you for everything.
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Linda Jensen

We chose the cave tour to Georgia as it covered most of the places we were interested in visiting doing research about this wonderful country. Caves are our passion, monasteries and caves we visited in Georgia are of huge interest and mystery. You can feel the real spirit of Christianity in Georgian monasteries, it totally fills your soul with mixed emotions, feelings just no words to explain the power and my admiration. Rich history, culture, beautiful architecture, so many things that left me speechless during our tour. Thank you for putting all together so well and for sparing no effort to make our tour so memorable. Highly recommend this tour and agent.

Best wishes,
Linda Jensen
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Harry, George and Stella

6 friends of us chose the jeep tour to Georgia, the country of treasures. Each time we got to our next destination we thought this is the most amazing place in this country. But no. Each new destination was amazing itself. Actually we changed some destination with other ones because of the weather conditions, but I do not regret this as our guides were trustworthy and really great masters of their work. I want to emphasize their driving along the bumpy roads. They were great we felt safe. George and Stella took some beautiful pictures, which we will send you by email. 

Thanks, My Geo for the great experience.
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Susan Darch

To tell the truth I did not expect at all that Georgia could be such a popular ski destination. Though we are experienced skiers, we did need an instructor, who as assured was highly professional. We are already considering to travel Georgia one more time in summer next year.

Will keep in touch,
Susan Darch
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Phil Stuart

Me and 3 friends of mine picked this tour of Georgian wine. Being a wine gourmet it was hard to surprise us with new wine flavours, but you succeeded. We are back with awesome memories and feelings of coming back soon. Needless to say, Georgian wines made of unique Georgian grapes were exceptional. All the wineries chosen for the tour were not disappointing. Besides wineries, we had 4 lovely days and got to know Georgian cuisine, tour around Tbilisi, visit the love town, the wine region. What really impressed all of us was the view from Jvari Monastery located in the small town of Mtskite. That was really spectacular. The only thing I would change is the length of the program. But this is fine as Georgia is the country that should be visited again and again.

Thanks, My Geo for all the arrangements and assistance.
Will come back soon.
Phil Stuart
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William Berg

I visited Georgia with my family. The program that was advised by the company My Geo perfectly suited our interests. We experienced and discovered even more than expected. Every single moment was enjoyed. We loved especially the small cosy town of Sighnaghi, the small houses with red roofs. My wife was much impressed by the Prometheus Cave. It was really worth visiting. Thank you for including it in the program. Khareba winery was a great sum up of the tour. We enjoyed the tour and wine tasting. We bought 2 bottles of wine and took them with us back to Sweden. Thanks for being so responsible and carrying. We really enjoyed the tour and are satisfied with all the arrangements and recommendations. We have already recommended your company to our friends who were impatiently waiting for us to visit your amazing country and get back to them with our impressions.

William Berg
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Sarah and Laura

Hi Tatev,
Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, we are just back home. We want to thank you and MyGeo for the beautiful private trip you have organized for us. At our sixties, we are a long time and experienced gourmands and the tour fitted all our needs and expectations. We have enjoyed the cooking classes organized privately for us the most. We learnt to cook khinkali (quite a nice combination of meat and dough), we made churchkhela (quite an odd-shaped Georgian candy.
Our guide Sandro is an intellectual, punctual and such a nice human being. He spent the whole tour with us and satisfied all our needs. Thank you for choosing him as our guide.
The time was really short to see everything in your beautiful country. Maybe we will return someday to this unique part of the world.
Thank you again for everything!
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Samuel, Julie and Emma

My wife and I are just back home after travelling for so long. We haven’t had a chance to write anything as we're traveling to South Korea after this trip. Now we are back to London and can finally share our thoughts and memories from Georgia.
Our hotels were perfectly chosen by Tatev and had all the facilities. The locations were quite good and gave us a lot of freedom to explore the cities on our own after the daily tours.
Having the right guide affects the whole trip, after travelling to so many countries we are now sure of this. Especially for an archaeological trip, this is the most important thing. We had the best guide one can ever think of. Katie was with us from the beginning of the trip until the end. She was so professional and knowledgeable, we had so many questions every single day and she answered all of them with such enthusiasm and professionalism.
We wank to thank Mygeo trip for such an amazing trip and memories!
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Simon and Raphael

Dear Tatev,
What a trip you have organized for us!! Our family will never forget this summer! 
Our tour was perfectly organized, full of so many adventures and met all our expectations. Special thanks to our wonderful guide Tazo who organized so many off-road trips for us and showed the hidden spots of the country. He was such a nice guy and a very safe driver. The hotels were very well chosen by our tour manager Tatev. Most of them were located right in the centre and we could go for a walk in the evenings. We stayed at Rustavelli avenue in Tbilisi and this was the best decision Tatev could make.
We really enjoyed the stunning landscapes of Georgia and definitely recommend MyGeo tours to everyone!!!
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Leandro, Ben, Amélie & Selina

My husband and I had an incredible time on this vacation. Armenia is truly a special place; its nature is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever got to see. We have seen the Sevan lake which is more beautiful during the fall time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t swim as the weather is quite cold already. No words about Dilijan, I can now undoubtedly say that it is a little Switzerland located in the heart of Armenia. Nature and food were just amazing. Our guides in both countries were energetic and full of enthusiasm and made our journey so special. Arthur is really proud of his country and is dedicated to his job, he really took care of us. Our tour manager Sati was a true professional throughout the whole trip, she even made changes during our trip and never ignored our little whims

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We had one of the most unique trips one can ever imagine. The company was amazing from the beginning to the end!!
Now we’re far more convinced that Abudelauri lakes are one of the most beautiful corners of this world. We have taken thousands of photos; I will send you some of them when we finally sort them out. We’ve always been photo and adventure enthusiasts and this tour suited our expectations greatly. Our group of friends will never forget this journey. We think of travelling with you guys in the future and exploring the astonishing Caucasus!!!
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Elizabeth Austin

Dear Tatev,
This was such a wonderful trip. We are experienced hikers and have been to many places in the world and finally got to visit your amazing country. We have never been to this part of the world and were amazed by the wonderful nature and views of Georgia. We will never forget our boat trip experience at Martvili Canyons. The river colours were so vivid, we took like 100 photos. We had rafting experiences in many countries but this was the one we will never forget. We have enjoyed extreme sports and adventures our whole lives and this tour met all our expectations.
Now we think that we should have stayed longer and are thinking of returning for another unforgettable experience.
We want to thank our guide Tazo who was so caring and attentive to us and all our needs. His sense of humour was amazing, he was one of the highlights of our trip. Special thanks to MyGeo tour and Tatev for organizing this unique experience for us.
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