Tips Before Travel to Georgia


How to get a visa

For citizens of more than 90 countries, a visa to Georgia is not required. These include the citizens of the European Union, the USA, Russia, the CIS member states, and others. For more information, we advise visiting the site of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

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How to choose an accommodation

In Georgia, especially in the popular tourist cities, you can find accommodation options for any taste and pocket. On average, be prepared to pay between $ 20-30 per night for a room in a modest apartment or guesthouse. In Tbilisi and other major cities, you can also find a large selection of luxury hotels which you can find here.

Keep in mind that in summer in the capital and popular seaside resorts the prices increase twice.

You can look for guesthouses and hotels on the spot, but in high season we advise booking the accommodation beforehand.

Tips culture

In Georgia, it is used to leave from 5 to 10% tips for the service in cafes and restaurants. Nowadays, in many places, the tips are already included in the bill.

How to find information about the transport

If you want to get detailed information about the different modes of transport in Georgia, we recommend visiting the following links:

Transport Company

Georgian Railway

Tbilisi Airport

Kutaisi Airport

Hot Line

Here you can familiarize yourself with help desk phone numbers and phone hotline in Georgia: