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Our story

My Geo is an inbound tour operator in Georgia with over 5 years of experience․ With all the passion for our small land full of tourist attractions, we started to explore Georgia ourselves. Our country is perfect for family holidays, as it has travel options for people of all ages.

The country offers sea and sand, recreation, rich cultural heritage and absolutely breathtaking nature for adventure lovers. However, we believe that the most valuable experience in travel is interacting with people, getting close enough to understand local life perceptions, traditions and culture. That is why our tour itineraries are made to put the local experience on the top.

We carefully chose our guides by their ability to create and share experience in addition to their knowledge of history and language. What makes us unique in the market is that we add local flavor to each tour. We organize dining in local families, tasting homemade food, visiting family-run small wineries, chatting with locals and taking off the routine trails for hiking and riding. Lots of positive reviews and gratitudes from travelers prove that we are on the right path of holiday creation. Our customer reviews are available on our website, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google+ pages.

Fair business and best price in the market

In the 21st century, one must play fair to run an online competitive business and assure sustainable growth in the market. We receive numerous inquiries through our websites on a daily basis. It is clear that every holiday seeker contacts a number of tour companies for the best price versus quality ratio. So we work hard to provide the fastest and best communication, special packages and fair price to win the deal. As the combined regional tours are in the highest demand, we make our packages fast, without extra profit margin and thus win the competition. 

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The highest appraisal of our work is the feedback of our travelers. We hope that soon we'll have your feedback here as well. You can get acquainted with our customers' reviews below.

Our Team
We are very careful about the selection of personnel, that's why every member of our friendly team is a real professional in his/her field. We want to be sure that after the interaction with us you will be as pleased as possible with the process of communication, obtaining the necessary information and the speed of work of our employees.
Levan Gurtskaya Levan Gurtskaya Executive Director
Mari Berika Mari Berika Tour Manager
Mariam Khatiashvili Mariam Khatiashvili Tour manager

We thoroughly choose guides for our groups

Our guides are the face of our country and we are proud to have these guys in our team. Starting from classical tours and ending with extreme delights each of our guides is a true representative of Caucasus. Not to mention their love towards their homeland will make you fall in love with Georgia even more. We make sure that each group gets an exceptional guide as we believe that the secret in spending an unforgettable vacation is having an extraordinary guide.

When you trust and travel with us

Every year more travelers choose My Geo to visit the Caucasus and explore its beauties. This number grows steadily. Our experts reflect travelers’ interests in special tailor-made itineraries. We are always there with 24/7 support and every small issue before and during the tour is solved instantly. In My Geo the feedback study is mandatory for improving our service quality.