Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Howard and Judy Jackson

Hi Ruslan, our trip to Georgia was fantastic! Apart from the beautiful scenery and historical sights, we also loved our guide Sandro who was super knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He also gave the best recommendations for restaurants and bars to go to when we were in Tbilisi. I had a great time in Georgia!

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Nicholas Anderson

Thank you Hasmik for this lovely tour. I had an amazing time! Georgia was beautiful. My favorite part of the tour was Borjomi, the town known for its tasty mineral water. It was a peaceful and lovely place to relax. And we also got to drink some of the mineral water from the spring. I also loved Georgian cuisine. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who thinks of traveling to Georgia!

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Lloyd Moss

Our interest in visiting Georgia started in 2009 after our daughter returned from a trip there and told us what a great place it was to visit.   I found My Geo online and last Fall began working with Sati to put together a hiking and cultural trip that would retrace some of our daughter’s steps and much more.  She put together a 16 day custom itinerary that included the major spots we wanted to visit and much more!  Our friends here in the US thought we were a little crazy for going to a country so far away which seems to be not well known. The people of Georgia are very friendly, many of the young people and most in the hospitality business speak English and you will meet travelers from all over the world here.  The country has a fascinating history and is truly one of the world’s great crossroads.  As it turns out it was an adventure of a lifetime and one not to be missed.


Our guide for the trip, Tazo, was wonderful.  He and his Land Rover took us places I never thought we could go.  He kept us well supplied with water and great insights about the places we visited plus good advice on what to eat and which restaurants to visit.   The tour included a great breakfast every morning which more often or not also supplied our lunch, all admissions to the various sites and comfortable hotels, most of the time walking distance to points of interest and dining.  We went on a lot of memorable treks, visited some amazing towns and points of interest too numerous to mention, but these are the most memorable parts of the trip, though almost everything was memorable:


Tbilisi has turned into one of the world’s great tourist destinations.  Lots to see and do, great restaurants and a unique ambiance.  Make sure to catch one of the dinner shows that features Georgian polyphonic singing and dancing.  Don’t forget to take a boat ride down the river in the evening and ride up the cable car to the top of the mountain overlooking the city.


Chauki Pass trek from Juta to Roska – This was a fantastic 17 km portered trek as arranged by My Geo and Tazo.  My wife and I are in our mid 60’s and I was not sure we could do this but our mountain guide came with his horse that transported our packs.  We started at the Zeta campground where we stayed the night before in a geodesic dome cabin with private bathroom.  The scenery was stunning and only got better as we climbed.  The descent from the top of the pass was very tricky but we got lots of help from our mountain guide, Bocho.  Tazo was waiting for us at the end of the hike and took us to this great guest house in Roshka where we stayed the night.  The food there was made from scratch and featured home made dairy products.   This was an experience of a lifetime!


Svaneti – Mestia and Ushguili  Our daughter told us we had to go there and she was right.  It is quite a trip from Tbilisi and will add time to your trip, but it is well worth it.  To break up the trip we stayed in Kutaisi on the way up and back but also took some extra time to hike in Borjomi National Park and spend a night in Borjomi.  The beauty of the huge glacier covered Svaneti mountains is almost indescribable, and pictures will never do it justice.  The villages have the famous towers you might have seen.  When we come back to Georgia someday we will spend even more time here.   


Kaheti   - We had only a short time in Georgia’s famous wine region but the highlight was the trip to the Khareba winery where we sampled some great wines and learned how to cook the iconic dishes of Georgian.  We also had visited the Chateau Mukhrani earlier in the trip which was also very enjoyable.


Food and Wine:  Though I had become familiar with Georgian food while traveling in Eastern Europe on business, it is way better in Georgia!  The whole country is one big wine region, not just Kaheti.  We also ate many of the regional dishes which were really great and will try cooking some of these at home, though without real Georgian cheese and some of the herbs that are hard to find outside the country I would not expect it to be the same.  Because of all the trekking and the high level of activity we had during this trip, we may have been the first people ever to visit Georgia and not gain weight!  At the time of this review the US dollar was very strong so pretty much everything we ate and drank cost us very little.  I think we saved enough money on our dining to pay for our airline tickets here!

Speaking of getting to Georgia, if you live in a city close to an airport served by Turkish Air, getting there is extremely easy.  I would highly recommend working with My Geo to put together your itinerary. 


Lloyd and Rosette Moss, Virginia, USA




As it turned out here just was not enough “free time’ built into the itinerary to just relax, shop and enjoy some of the cities.  I never asked for this and I know it would have involved eliminating either some points of interest or extending the trip.  With all the traveling, the itinerary was exhausting for us old people.  I would have particularly liked ½ day of free time in Tbilisi, Kataisi and Mestia.  I think when you work on such itineraries you should ask people how much free time they would like in the major cities to explore on their own. 


There were two hotels we really did not like and one which had a problem: 


The Hotel Alaznis in Tevali was a dump with the most uncomfortable bed we have ever slept in.  Neither of us got much sleep!  I had the feeling we were in a prison and it really left a bad impression at the end of the trip, though the breakfast was not too bad.  Had I realized just how bad it was when we checked in, I would have moved to the Holiday Inn at our own expense.  We arrived too tired (and drunk) to do anything about it.  Do not put Americans in this hotel!


The Tiflis hotel in Akhaltsikhe was actually very nice BUT it is located far from any restaurant.  After hiking all day we just were not up to the 2-3 km walk to get dinner that night.  Tazo was not staying there so we really could not rely on him to transport us.  One thing we experienced in Georgia is that none of the cab drivers we encountered spoke a word of English.  We tried using apps like Yandex but even then, we would call for a cab and one would never show up so we avoided cabs as much as possible.  I don’t know if there was a comfortable hotel closer to the central business district but it would have been better to be located there.


One hotel (I think it was Hotel Old Borjormi), had its mini-split air conditioner located right above my head.  It dumped cold air on my face all night and when I woke up I had a chest cold it took me four days to get rid of.  It was far too hot not to use it.


We really enjoyed the Bridge Boutique hotel in Tbilisi, the Gold Tower in Mestia and the Hotel Terrace in Kutaisi.  When I made the initial reservations with you, I really did not know what to expect for accommodations nor did we ever discuss the level of hotels we would be staying at.  I guess this is something I should have brought up.  I know you were trying to keep the price down, but I think I would have upgraded a couple of these.


I do need to give you and Tazo a lot of thanks for arranging the mountain guide, Bocho (if there is a better spelling for the review, please let me know) and his horse for the Chauki Pass trek.  I had no idea it would be portered (where horse carries most of our load) but it made a huge difference to us and made the trek far more enjoyable and memorable.  There were lots of activities on this trip we really enjoyed but I don’t think too many people read 6 page reviews.


Thanks for everything.  I hope this review brings you lots of business. 


Lloyd Moss

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Stella Stevens

I am not a very talkative person, but I want to say it: It was a very interesting and well-organized tour, with a very good guide. The tour included so many places and all of them were so impressive. I don’t think that I had enough of this country, I see there is much more to explore, so much to know about the come back the next year to discover more of Georgia!

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Sam Cooper

I am Sam, I traveled to Georgia a month ago. I love archeology and I am traveling a lot around the world to discover and explore the countries. Seems like Georgia has a lot to hide with its great history. I have visited so many places and have seen so many interesting things, like very old churches, archeological museums, even the dinosaur footprints in Sataplia Nature Reserve! The tour was very interesting, I came back to my country with lot of impressions. Thank you!

Sam Cooper

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Jane Cole

I can definitely say that Georgia is a holy place. Me and my friends are very religious and we have been waiting for so long to visit Georgia. We are surprisingly shocked! Our guide was so friendly and kind. She didn’t leave us alone even for a minute. She gave us all the necessary information we needed to know. Thank you for such a beautiful trip. Hope to meet you again!

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Samantha Bailey

Me and my daughter traveled in Georgia with Religious tour. We visited a lot of churches and holy places. It was a blessing to us. Such a beautiful country with such an old history. Our guide Irakli was so informative and helpful. I am sad we couldn’t stay for more days. I Hope we will come again and explore more then we did last time. Thank you My Geo Trip, you are doing amazing. 

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David Smith

My family traveled to Georgia with the help of My Geo Trip this June. We are very glad and thankful. We stayed at nice comfortable hotels, very helpful guide, the tour program was really very very adventurous and very organized. We did not feel even a bit of a discomfort as we had some bad experience before. We had a lot of fun and good times, Thank you for that. 

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Miranda Tailor

This was one of the best trips I have ever had. I was shocked by the beauty of Georgia’s nature. Canyons were my favorite! These places were so fascinating. I already told my friends to join me for the next journey to Georgia, it was not enough at all. I want to visit more and more. Wish you good luck and keep creating the best memories for us! 

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Stephan Weber

Good and organized trip, beautiful country, perfect guide and great wine! All I can say as a solo traveler, my Georgian trip was – 10/10. Great thanks to your company!

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Li Zhang

Thanks to My Geo Trip for that pleasant and remarkable trip we had. Me and my wife were afraid that it wouldn’t be comfortable to travel with 2 children, but our tour was surprisingly good. We had a perfect guide and driver, very helpful and friendly. We saw many places and sightseeing, Georgia is definitely the beautiful country, with eye-catching landscapes, old churches and very hospital people. The weather was perfect for traveling. It was not hot, not cold. Hope we will travel again to explore more.

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Jane Clark

We are group of friends, who visit countries to get known to the local traditions and taste local food and we do it every year. We had heard that Georgia is a great place to visit, but because of Covid we where not able to travel the previous year. Finally visited Georgia this May and it was really INCREADIBLE! I am personally in love with Georgia! And the food!! It’s so delicious. Seriously, I plan to come back soon, cause, I will terribly miss Khinkali and Khachapuri! Also, a big thanks to our guide Tazo, he was so friendly and informative. Thank you for such a tasty trip!

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