The Legend of the Kakhetian Sea

A long time ago the scenic region of Kakheti was covered with water, as there was a sea. People lived high in the mountains, but even there the water caused a serious problem for them. It was rising higher and higher, destroying pastures and arable land. The life was becoming heavier and heavier for locals, and they understood that if that continued, the water would cover the tops of the mountains, and all of them would die. One day the locals arranged a meeting during which they mourned and complained about such a difficult situation. Suddenly one collier went ahead and said: “I am working high in the mountains and from the height, I see that the water rises up and doesn’t standstill. It is moving and seeking a way out, and we must find that way for it, that is to cut a drain and make a channel.” At these words, the people said that they had such an idea, but no one would be able to find the right place for a drain. The collier continued his speech and shared his idea: “We need to make a big basket, fill it with coal and drop into the water. The flow itself will take the basket and where the basket will stop, there we will make a drain, and the water itself will find a way out.” The people liked this idea and made a big basket with coal and dropped it into the sea. The water carried the basket and brought it to the place, which is now the mainstream of the river Alazani. At this place, Signagi ridge merges with Nukhi Mountains. The people all gathered and opened a way for the sea. Since then, the beautiful region of Kakheti has appeared and the lives of local Georgians began to flourish. Today Kakheti region is a gem of Georgia which attracts hundreds of tourists who come to visit the beautiful temples and monasteries, museums, and enjoy the famous Kakhetian wine prepared by special technology.

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