Traveler’s Feedback

If you decided to travel to Georgia, please have a look at our travelers' feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Mr & Mrs Greens

In our 70 years with my wife, we decided to take a hiking tour. MyGeo had very good reviews, so we booked the tour with them. Having group hikes is very joyful, the guide was always ready to help us in case of facing some problems. Whenever we get tired they were giving us breaks, we felt us special by companies provided service.
Hotels were also good and clean, food was delicious in Georgia, planning to visit Armenia and Azerbaijan next year too.
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Daniel and David

Good day, thank you very much for these good memories. With my friend David, we travelled the whole Europe and wanted to visit the Caucasus so we found MyGeo. We were climbing, hiking, sailing had overnight in the climbing base. The Okatse Canyon was incredibly beautiful, I took some photos and will send it to you too. We are 100% satisfied and willing to go to Azerbaijan next year with your agency. Please send my greeting to our guide Tazo who was very knowledgeable.

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Bruno and Emilia

Greetings from Argentina.
This was our first time with family that we spent New Year, not in our country. We experienced different traditions of celebrating New Year and my kids really like it. Guide and driver were really good and hotels were chosen in the centre of city close to all touristic places and shopping malls. We really appreciate the amount of work which was done for us. Even it was New Year but our tour manager called us and was interested in how it is going with the tour.
I have already sent your details to my friend Lucas, he will contact you soon. 


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Edward, Brian, Natalie & Olivia

We were planning this trip almost a year and were hoping to spend our vacation in these two beautiful countries. Our tour manager Tatev was always responding to our messages very quickly which lead us to book this tour. The tour was organized in a very efficient way for us not getting tired of being in the car most of the time. My son Brian really liked Georgian architecture, cuisine and is trying to assure me to come next year. My friend was happened to be there and always told me that Georgians are very hospitable people which we have experienced in Azerbaijan too.

Our guide and driver were professionals in both countries, the hotels were nice and clean with good staff members. Thank you for making this vacation unforgettable.

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Kevin Zegers & Jaime Feld

Want to thank MyGeo team for making these 10 days unforgettable. It was full of joy, huge experience in Georgian history and adventure. My wife is a history teacher at the State University and always wanted to visit Georgia. I like the way how your company’s management is set, as soon as we requested for a tour I got a call from the tour manager and she was always happy to answer my questions. She was even writing us during the tour which made us safer.
Our guide Alex and driver were very polite and kind people. He was always ready to help us in any situation. I really like Borjomi and Kakheti cities will defiantly recommend your services to my friends.
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We are just back to Finland, want to thank for your help and support during all this time. Georgia is full of amazing people; it is an incredible country. Before coming to Georgia I did a small research about it and found that Georgians are specifically crazy drivers. But both our driver and guide were professionals.
Hotels were nice and clean with very polite staff. We are satisfied with everything and my sister is planning to book the same tour with you for the next year too.

Wish you the best of luck!

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Luis & Savannah

Hola Eduard,
Thank you for making our trip unforgettable. We truly enjoyed travelling to these two countries. What a beautiful country Armenia is, with full of hospitable people. I remember when we went to Garni, farmers were giving us homemade cornel vodka with some sweet if I am not mistaken called guta. The panoramic view to Mount Ararat from Khor Virap Monastery was gorgeous. You definitely need to visit that place if you appear in Armenia.
Our Georgian part of the tour was full of wine tastings and lots of cheese. We are amazed by how they managed to invent that much of different khachapuries. The scene of Ananuri Fortress surrounded by green forest was impressive.
Guides in both countries were professional and efficient concerning time management. I told my uncle about your company and we are planning to travel to Azerbaijan next year with his family.
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Famiglia di Barone

Hello from Italy.
We have joined a wine group tour with our family. My family travels a lot but based on what we have experienced in Georgia with MyGeo, I can state it’s the most professional organization that I have seen. My son Andrea always says about guides that they are limited historians but Alex who was our guide during all those days proved the opposite. His knowledge of the political situation of Georgia amazed us.
We enjoyed our overnights in Tiflis hotel which had very nice and polite staff. The driver Sashka was a real man of his job and took us wherever we requested, though it wasn’t mentioned in the program.
I will definitely suggest your service to all my friends and you can wait for us for next year.

See you soon!

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Evelyn, Liza, Jacob & Gore

We are back to the UK safe and sound. I want to thank MyGeo team for organizing this incredible tour for me and my wife. Because of the delay in our flight, we were a little bit upset but as soon as we met Sandro everything has changed. He was a very professional guide, even more with tremendous knowledge of Georgian history. I told him about my interests in photography and he was kindly assisting me by showing hidden places of Old Tbilisi, for me to take gorgeous pictures.
Our driver Luka was teaching us some Georgian words, furthermore was a specialist of his job. We are in love with the city of Sighnaghi, Georgian wines and Tbilisi Old Town.

I have already recommended your high-quality services to my colleges here, thanks again, for making our vacation unforgettable.

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Family Bennetts

Kazbegi is a nice and beautiful village north of Tbilisi near the Russian border. The drive from Tbilisi is very convenient along a picturesque road that passes through lakes, waterfalls and snow-covered mountains. I would recommend this place because of its natural beauty and clean environment. There were lush green valleys and high amazing-view mountains. The average temperature during the day was around 25 degrees while at night it dropped to around 15 degrees. We stayed at Rooms hotel in Kazbegi. Our hotel was excellent and our deluxe room could accommodate our family of 2 adults and 2 children. We ate at our hotel and outside also. We had an amazing dinner at a local restaurant near our hotel and the Georgian food we ate was spectacular. There was a dish called “Khachapuri”and it’s a special flatbread with cheese in it. We ordered our own individual local dishes and all were great.

I am so glad to spend quality time with my family here!

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Benjamin & Isabella

We had a great experience with this tour agency. Excellent, very reliable agency. Professional services. Very knowledgeable guides. The Tour was accompanied by beautiful nature. The highlights were the caves, they even had us order lunch early so that it would be ready when we got there to save time.

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Jack, Oliver & Brenda

Best Adventure in Georgia (Tbilisi) is a great travel and adventure with very nice service for, it was very well organized, beautiful tours you cannot forget them, thank you. Georgia is a fascinating country and this trip gave a chance to taste the mountains, visit a beach resort and explore the capital. It was varied and comfortable but left me feeling like I had seen rather than learnt about or really experienced Georgia!

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