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Why guide?
A while ago I decided to combine my hobby and job and that's why I work as a guide, which gives me a lot of pleasure.
Random Facts
I am Alex, a tour guide from Georgia. I have the superpower that allows me to show you the best and the most interesting places in my country and to enjoy a tour. After exploring Georgia, you will be surprised at how amazing it is.
Guide reviews

Kevin Zegers & Jaime Feld

Want to thank MyGeo team for making these 10 days unforgettable. It was full of joy, huge experience in Georgian history and adventure. My wife is a history teacher at the State University and always wanted to visit Georgia. I like the way how your company’s management is set, as soon as we requested for a tour I got a call from the tour manager and she was always happy to answer my questions. She was even writing us during the tour which made us safer.
Our guide Alex and driver were very polite and kind people. He was always ready to help us in any situation. I really like Borjomi and Kakheti cities will defiantly recommend your services to my friends.
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Famiglia di Barone

Hello from Italy.
We have joined a wine group tour with our family. My family travels a lot but based on what we have experienced in Georgia with MyGeo, I can state it’s the most professional organization that I have seen. My son Andrea always says about guides that they are limited historians but Alex who was our guide during all those days proved the opposite. His knowledge of the political situation of Georgia amazed us.
We enjoyed our overnights in Tiflis hotel which had very nice and polite staff. The driver Sashka was a real man of his job and took us wherever we requested, though it wasn’t mentioned in the program.
I will definitely suggest your service to all my friends and you can wait for us for next year.

See you soon!

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Sophia Newton & Martin Banker

Georgia has been in our bucket list for a long time. MyGeotrip caught our eye immediately. It’s a beautiful country with an amazing culture. Our Tour guide Alex was very knowledgeable and caring. We had lost our baggage and together with the Agency handled it within a day and our luggage was with us after we returned from our tour around the city.

Georgia was amazing and we loved every bit!

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