Rabati Castle

Rabati Castle is located in the town of Akhaltsikhe, on the bank of the river Potskhovi. The Arabic word “Rabat” is translated as a fortified place. The fortress was built on a high hill and is visible from any point of the city.

Rabati Castle was built in the XIII century and had seen many invasions and destructions. In the XIII century, the fortress was destroyed by the army of Tamerlane. The majestic fortress was in ruins. Then it was restored, but hundred years later it was again destroyed by Mongolian troops, then came the Ottoman army and the army of the Russian Empire. In times of all the invasions, the fortress was of great strategic importance.

Now Rabati Castle is a popular attraction of Akhaltsikhe. In 2012, it was reconstructed and strengthened. Rabati Castle has a powerful fortress wall, four towers with spiral staircases, an observation deck, and buildings.

The fortress occupies about 7 hectares and is divided into two parts – modern and historical. In the modern part, there is a restaurant, a hotel, cafes, and shops. In the old part of the fortress, there is the Ahmediyeh Mosque, the church, the family castle of Jakeli and the historical museum.


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