Zacharia Paliashvili House-Museum

Zacharia Petrovich Paliashvili, an outstanding composer, was born in Kutaisi in 1871 in the family of musicians. Since the school years, Zacharia Petrovich was engaged in music. After graduating from the Moscow Conservatory, Zacharia Petrovich continued creating and became the founder of the Georgian Philharmonic Society. He wrote operas “Abesalom and Eteri”, “Diazi”, “Latavra” and “Solemn Cantata”. In 1937, after Zacharia Paliashvili’s death, the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theater was named after the great composer.

House-museum of Zacharia Paliashvili was opened in 1959. The museum exhibits manuscripts of the composer, collections, posters, books and everything that is connected with the life and work of the composer. The museum hosts musical evenings, cultural events and concerts.

Address: D. Bakradze St. 10


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