Travel Safety in Georgia

Nowadays, in light of recent tragic events, when the global security and peace is at risk of terrorist attacks affecting and depriving thousands of human lives, it is very important to make the right choice not only between numerous resorts, hotels and excursions, but also to take into consideration the level of security of the country you are going to spend your holidays. We want to draw your attention towards more detailed information and some interesting statistics concerning Georgia’s security level.

Travel Safety in Georgia: Overview

Georgia is a country where the tourist security level is so high that you can easily take a stroll through the streets of the beautiful city of Tbilisi, or travel across the country, even if it’s long after midnight.

Official sources also confirm this fact: according to the results of a sociological survey conducted by one of the most reputable companies in the world – GALLUP World, Georgia has taken one of the leading places on the level of security in the country according to the residents of the country, gaining 91.5 points. It is also interesting that the indices are equal both among men and among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity: to 93% of men and 90% women walking late at night is absolutely safe! Comparing with Europe, where an average of this index was equal to 65 points, there is no doubt left any longer.

Despite the fact that Georgia is famous for its amazing wines it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages on the streets and in the parks. Smoking in public places is prohibited as well, which also contributes to raising the overall level of safety in the country.

Undoubtedly, the Georgians are renowned for centuries for their hospitality and cherished treat towards their guests. In the country, tourist security is protected at the state level. For example, in 2013, the National Tourism Administration of Georgia established free “hotline” for tourists – 0 800 800 909. Immediately after crossing the border each tourist is given the number through which you can get all the necessary information about hotels, food courts and restaurants, attractions, museums, transport, upcoming festivals and events. Professional operators provide information in English, Russian and French.

According to the results of another survey conducted by the experts of the European Union, Georgia has won the title of one of the safest countries in Europe, along with such countries as Singapore, Austria, Denmark and Norway. Not bad neighbours, right?! Indeed, over the past 5 years, the crime rate has been sharply reduced. Compare: in the last 5 years, only 2.2% of Georgian citizens have been subjected to robbery, and only 0.4% have fallen victims of car theft.

Another symbol of security in the country is unique in their kind transparent police stations made of glass. Police cars are patrolling the city day-and-night, and if you have come across any problems, you can safely turn to friends and, most importantly, non-corrupt police officers: they will show you the right way and may even give you a lift. Never try to bribe a policeman: the fight against corruption is conducted at the state level and is considered a criminal offence.

Of course, as in any other country, no one is immune from petty pickpockets and robbers that’s why you should not neglect the standard safety rules, namely, it is worth keeping large amounts of cash on your credit card, avoid wearing eye-catching jewellery or other expensive beauty accessories while visiting overcrowded places. Important documents or other valuable items you can always leave in special safes, which most hotels offer either free or for a small fee.

Travel Safety in Georgia: Roads and Transport

Driving in the country is the right hand. In towns, the speed limit is 60 km/h, in other parts – 80 km/h. There is a policy of zero tolerance for driving under the influence. In Georgia, wearing seat belts is mandatory. Since Georgia is situated in 4 climate zones simultaneously, intense rains and heavy snowfalls at higher altitudes can often make it difficult to travel. If you are travelling outside of Tbilisi, make sure that your vehicle is equipped accordingly.

The country has a well-developed infrastructure and transport links between settlements and major tourist centres. If you are, you can easily organize your trip across the country by minibuses, buses, trains and even aeroplanes.

Minibuses are amongst the most demanded means of transport. Basically, they are located near railway stations and markets. The only thing that can bother you is that they do not have fixed timetable and passengers often have to wait until all available seats are filled. Only then it will start!

Any adult traveller, possessing International Driving License, credit card and driving experience of at least 1 year, can take advantage of rental car service / 40-50 $ per day /. Road traffic regulations are standard and traffic signs are available in English.

Travel Safety in Georgia: Food and Water

The generous nature of Georgia gave her an abundance of herbs and spices, juicy fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and soft cheeses. Simple and at the same time exquisite gastronomy is one of the reasons why tourists love the country so much. Caution is needed only in one case: avoid overeating!

You can also completely forget about the problems associated with drinking water: there is an abundance of healthy mineral water. However, for the sake of safety, before drinking the water from the tap it is better to boil.

Hotlines in Georgia

The unified phone of emergency services - 112
Free hotline of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia - 0-800-800-909
Police - 022
Ambulance - 033


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