Tmogvi Fortress

The medieval fortress of Tmogvi is located high above the gorge, on the bank of the river Kura, in the south of Georgia, in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. A narrow path stretching up the gorge leads to the fortress. Once you reach the edge of the gorge, a beautiful view of the mountain and the river opens.

The exact date of construction of the fortress is not known. It was first mentioned in the X century. The fortress was badly damaged by the earthquake in the XIII century and since then it has lost its greatness. Surprisingly, the fortress became an inspiration for the famous Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan, who wrote the poem “Taking the Fortress of Tmkaberd”, after which the opera “Taking Tmkaberd” was written.

Today, the fortress of Tmogvi consists of several ruined towers and a central temple. From the road, the fortress still retains its majestic appearance. Near Tmogvi there is another attraction – the church of St. Ephraim. It is carved right in the rock, and on the walls, there are partially preserved paintings of the XIII century.


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