Sarma Cave

The Sarma Cave is located in Abkhazia and is considered the second deepest cave in the world after Krubera (this cave is also located in Abkhazia). The cave was discovered in 1990 by researchers who first discovered a small crevice and only a huge cave.

The cave is located on Mount Arabica, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. The karst cave consists of numerous halls and passageways, which are connected by tunnels. The Sarma Cave is divided into three levels, the lowest part starts from 900 meters and reaches up to 1830 meters. There is a theory that soon will be discovered more passages and the depth of the cave may reach up to 2000 meters. The upper part begins at the entrance and reaches 420 meters in depth.

Only members of the professional expedition group with special skills are allowed to explore the care.


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