Sighnaghi Fortress

The fortress of Sighnaghi is located in Kakheti, in a small town of Sighnaghi which in recent years began to actively develop and is now considered one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city of Sighnaghi was founded by King Irakli II in the XVII century. The fortress walls are in excellent condition and still guard the city.

The Sighnaghi fortress is considered one of the most picturesque and beautiful in all Georgia. Huge fortress towers and walls are visible from afar. The fortress walls are located on the slopes of the mountain, sometimes rising and repeating the contours of the mountain. They have an upper-tier with a path for defensive purposes and a lower tier with no passages. Towers are cylindrical and have several floors.

The main entrance has preserved a pristine appearance, now the gates are in the old part of the city. At the gate there is a staircase leading to the highest point of the fortress walls. From the highest point you will have the best view of the city and Alazani Valley. 


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