Sataplia Cave

Karst cave Sataplia is located on the territory of the reserve Sataplia, Imeretia. The cave is the main value of the reserve and one of the most visited caves in the country. The name of the cave is translated as “the place where honey is”. The fact is that for a long time wild bees lived in the crevices of limestone. With the flow of visitors, the bees left this place, and only the name remained.

The reserve Sataplia is located 7 km away from the city of Kutaisi. The cave was discovered recently by a local. Going up the stream he discovered a crevice that led to a large cave.

Sataplia cave has a length of 900 meters, only 300 meters are accessible for visitors. The cave is illuminated with colored lamps that make stalactites and stalagmites look mysterious and attractive.

The center of the cave is a large stalagmite in the form of a heart. It is believed that if you touch the heart and make a wish, it will come true.


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