Rioni River

Rioni River is one of the largest in the South Caucasus region. The name of the river is translated as “a large river”. Rioni originates on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus and flows into the Black Sea, not far from the port city of Poti. The length of the river is 327 km, the basin area is 13,400 sq. km.

Rioni is navigable, the waters of the river are used for irrigation. There is a Rioni cascade of hydropower plants which operates on the river. The speed of the river flow makes it extremely dangerous for kayaking, but the lovers of extreme sports sail in inflatable boats. The rafting season is in spring and autumn.

Rioni was mentioned in the works of Plato and Socrates. Historical documents indicate that gold was mined from the river. Today, it attracts lots of visitors with its beauty. Tourists take a trip on the river, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.


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