Motsameta Monastery

Motsameta Monastery is located near the city of Kutaisi, over the river Rioni. This is one of the picturesque temples of Georgia. It is located in a secluded place and is surrounded by dense forests. The second name of the temple is the monastery of St. David and Constantine.

The first mention of the monastery was in the VIII century. The story tells of a cruel Arab ruler Marwan who destroyed everything in his way. A small church on the site of the monastery was also destroyed. Princes Konstantin and David opposed the Shah and were captured by Marwan. For nine days and nights, the Shah demanded to give up beliefs, but the brothers refused to betray. After so much suffering, the brothers were killed and dumped in a river. The bodies were carried to shore. The locals buried them in the place of the burnt church.

Later, King Bagrat II ordered the construction of a monastery on the site of a church and named it Motsameta, martyrs. The ark with the relics of the saints is located in the main temple. According to the locals, if you go around the ark three times, you will be healed. Every year, on October 15, Motsametoba the day of memory of the martyrs David and Constantine is celebrated in the monastery.


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