Canyons in Georgia

We continue the series of publications telling about the magnificent natural sights of Georgia. Today you will learn about the canyons that are the most beautiful and popular among tourists, and if you want to see these places with your own eyes, then we are ready to offer you our Summer Tours to Georgia.

Canyons in Georgia: Martvili Canyon

Martvili is one of the most popular canyons in Georgia. It is located in the Megrelia region, not far from the small town of Martvili on the Abashi river, which, flowing for millions of years, formed a gorge up to 40 meters deep and the length of 2,400 meters.

The canyon is divided into two parts, Upper and Lower. Fans of extreme sports can ride a boat along the canyon from the Upper part that leads to a waterfall falling from the height of about 12 meters. Thanks to the climate of the terrain and high humidity, the walls of the canyon are covered with moss, you will also see lianas that grow along the whole length of the canyon, small streams and waterfalls. A truly fabulous picture! In the lower part of the canyon, there is a “pool” where you can swim and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. Even on the hottest day, the water here is cool, therefore this place is very popular among locals who come to Martvili to run away from the summer heat. In summer days, the canyon is full of tourists and locals. In low season you can enjoy solitude.

In spring, when the snow begins to melt, the river rises to 6 meters and the waterfall crashes from the height with even more power and thunder. In summer, the level is lower, the rivers are smaller and the rocks are covered with grass.

While visiting Martivili canyon it is worth to visit the Martvil Monastery (Chkondidi) of the VI century, which is on the way to the canyon. In 735 the monastery was burnt, the paintings on the walls were destroyed. And only a century and a half later it was restored. Today, on the territory of the monastery there is the temple of the Assumption of the Virgin, the church of the 10th century, in the south-west there is a 20-meter-high pillar and chapel, which was built on the site of an old destroyed chapel.

You can reach the canyon of Martvili by public transport from Kutaisi. Transport reaches the canyon, you just have to go down to the river. The taxi to the canyon will cost 50 GEL/19 €.

Canyons in Georgia: Okatse Canyon

The second most popular canyon Okatse is located in the western part of the country, 50 km from Kutaisi. Through the gorge flows the river Okatse. The length of the gorge is about 3 km, the depth is 50 m. There is a suspension bridge with 140 meters height and about a kilometre long which stretches along the gorge.

The entrance to the canyon costs 5 GEL/1,90€ for adults and 3GEL/1,13€  for children. The road to the canyon passes through the forest. The path leads down, there are signposts on the way to canyon and benches in case you get tired. Going down the stairs (544 steps lead to the canyon), a magnificent view of the Okace canyon will open. The narrow bridge on the cliff will take you up to the path you have come from. 

The entire road to the canyon and back is about 7 km, so you’d better wear comfy shoes.

You can reach the place by public transport from Kutaisi to Zed-Gordi (5 GEL/1,90€), however, it should be noted that this transport leaves the station at 4:00 pm. It is also possible to get from Kutaisi to Khoni and from there to Zed-Gordi both by public transport and by taxi (30 GEL/11.40€).

Canyons in Georgia: Dashbashi Canyon

Dashbashi is located in the southern part of the country, in the region of Kvemo-Kartli, Tsalsk district, in the valley of the Khrami river. With the length of 8 km and the height of several hundred meters, the canyon impresses with its natural beauty and unique ecosystem. Gorgeous waterfalls and underground waters, caves, majestic cliffs, all these open before your eyes in Dashbashi. The most spectacular sight of the canyon is the “weeping wall”, a cascade of small waterfalls along the rocks.

On the edge of the canyon, in the village of Dashbashi, there are two medieval temples. Despite the fact that the temples are half-ruined, they are considered sights, as part of the culture of the nation.

The canyon is located 90 km from Tbilisi. It can be reached by getting to Tsalka, then to the village of Dashbashi, the locals will surely offer help to get to the canyon.


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