Kvatakhevi Monastery

The monastery of Kvatakhevi is located 50 km from Tbilisi, in the gorge of the river Kavtura, on the slopes of the Trialeti Range. The first mention of the monastery was in the XIII century, but the complex was founded much earlier. The cross-shaped structure has two entrances, the facade is decorated with white stones, the dome of the church stands on pillars.

In former times, Kvatakhevi was a religious and literary center, where unique manuscripts were written and copied. During the Mongol invasion, the monastery was destroyed. According to the legend, the monks who lived in the church were burned alive in the temple. After the fire, the temple was restored and the traces were hidden with a new stove, but the stains appeared over and over again. In the XVIII century, burnt monks were listed to the saints as Kvatakhevi martyrs.

In 1854 the church was completely rebuilt and a bell tower was added to the complex. Now there is a man’s monastery a refectory, a stone wall, towers and a laurel in the monastery of Kvatakhevi.


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