Kozipa Monastery

Kozipa Monastery is less known and you will hardly find it on the list of popular sights of Georgia, but the monastery is worth visiting for the sake of its simplicity, the silence, and harmony with the wild nature.

The monastery of Kozipa is located in the gorge of Dzama, not far from the Dzama Fortress. The exact date of its construction is unknown, it is dated between the IV and IX centuries.

The small complex consists of five buildings, the oldest one is built from basalt, the walls are decorated with ornaments, unfortunately, the wall paintings have not survived. The church of the Shio-Mgvim clergyman is perfectly preserved. The Church of All Saints, the Church of St. George and Lazarev Resurrection suffered most from raids.

The complex was surrounded by walls, which were partially preserved. Monks are buried in the underground crypt. One of the unique features of the monastery is the cross of the main building, which changes color, depending on the air temperature.

The complex is surrounded by a beautiful forest, there is a vineyard with a small production on the territory. Guests are always invited to try real Georgian wine.


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