Kintsvisi Monastery

The monastery of St Nicholas (Kintsvisi) is located in the region of Shida-Kartli 25 km from Gori, in the Dzama gorge of the river hidden from the eyes. The name of the monastery comes from the word “kinwa”, translated as “frost”. The date of its construction is not known exactly, it is supposed to be in 1200. The monastery refers to the Golden Age of the country’s history.

The walls of the main temple are decorated with frescoes, among which the most popular are the frescoes of Queen Tamara and “Kintsvisi angel”. Most of the frescoes of the temple were badly damaged: faces were disguised in frescoes.

The monastery complex includes the church of St. Nicholas, next to it – the church of St. George built a little later. Not far away is the church of St. Mary, which is considered the oldest building of the monastery, the bell tower, the chapel and the ruined wall.

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