Inguri River

Inguri River is considered one of the most beautiful in Georgia. The waters of the river originate from the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus. It flows through Svaneti, mountain gorges and by expanding near the town of Jvari flows into the Black Sea on the territory of the Kolkhida Plain. The length of the river is 213 km, the total area of the basin is 4060 sq. km.

The largest hydroelectric power station in the Caucasus with the largest and deepest dam operates on the river (the depth of the dam is 226 meters). Hydroelectric power plants are the source of energy for half of Georgia and for the whole of Abkhazia. The azure waters of the river look like a small sea. Such beauty attracts thousands of tourists each year.

The river serves as the border between Georgia and Abkhazia. Due to the conflict, road and railway bridges across the river were destroyed. Later, the automobile bridge was restored by the Russian peacekeeping forces.


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