Ilya Chavchavadze Literary-Memorial Museum

The Literary Memorial Museum named after Ilya Chavchavadze was opened in 1987, on the 150th anniversary of the well-known publicist and public figure. The museum is located in the house where Ilya Chavchavadze lived together with his wife and sister.

The house-museum is divided into thematic halls: Ilya and Ajara, Ilya and Russia, Ilya and Spain. In each of the halls, there are exhibited all the materials including documents, photographs, manuscripts, personal items, newspaper posts and all that is related to the activities of the writer. The museum still preserves the spirit of the writer. The living room of the house with furniture and personal things is left just like it was in his lifetime. The writer used to spend time with friends in this room.

Ilya Chavchavadze was canonized for his contribution to the development of the country’s culture.


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