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Hello there my name is Тazo. I am in love with my home land and will try to make you enjoy the beauty and old traditions of this beautiful country. Working like tour guide last 5 year. Welcome to Georgia!
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Karolina Schulz

We just returned back to Germany! I was looking for a local tour company in Georgia that would have wine tours and I am so glad I found you! Everything was well organized, the hotels were nice, and we had no problem! The restaurants were great as well. The only thing that I want to mention that annoyed me was that our driver was talking on the phone while driving. But when we told our guide, he apologized and stopped doing that. Other than that, everything was great! I recommend this trip and especially guide Tazo.

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Barbara Willson

Hi Sati, our tour to Georgia was really nice. I found Tbilisi and Kutaisi the most beautiful. I also got obsessed with Georgian food, Adjarian khachapuri was my favorite. Also what a nice guide and driver we had. Tazo, our guide, was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about telling us about his home country. Overall, we were really satisfied with the tour, the accommodations and the service was also really good!

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Jane Clark

We are group of friends, who visit countries to get known to the local traditions and taste local food and we do it every year. We had heard that Georgia is a great place to visit, but because of Covid we where not able to travel the previous year. Finally visited Georgia this May and it was really INCREADIBLE! I am personally in love with Georgia! And the food!! It’s so delicious. Seriously, I plan to come back soon, cause, I will terribly miss Khinkali and Khachapuri! Also, a big thanks to our guide Tazo, he was so friendly and informative. Thank you for such a tasty trip!

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