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Hello there my name is Тazo. I am in love with my home land and will try to make you enjoy the beauty and old traditions of this beautiful country. Working like tour guide last 5 year. Welcome to Georgia!
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Jane Clark

We are group of friends, who visit countries to get known to the local traditions and taste local food and we do it every year. We had heard that Georgia is a great place to visit, but because of Covid we where not able to travel the previous year. Finally visited Georgia this May and it was really INCREADIBLE! I am personally in love with Georgia! And the food!! It’s so delicious. Seriously, I plan to come back soon, cause, I will terribly miss Khinkali and Khachapuri! Also, a big thanks to our guide Tazo, he was so friendly and informative. Thank you for such a tasty trip!

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Amy Shelton

Amazing experience, unforgettable memories, stunning nature, this was what I feel in this trip. The hike was not very hard. Our tour guide Tazo helped make this trip unforgettable. Travelling with his means also learning about the history, the culture, the people and the food. Thank you Tazo for the awesome tour!

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Mila Batler

My husband and I spent a week with Tazo. Awesome region and an awesome tour. Everything was perfect. Svaneti is definitely the most beautiful region of Georgia. The views and the sights there are definitely the best and if you like hikes just go there. The food was good; the hikes were good. What about guide, he is an excellent - speaks perfect English, knows the country inside out and is always punctual and happy to accommodate his client's wishes. We would not have had such a comprehensive insider's glimpse into Georgia without his guiding. Thank you Tazo - it was a pleasure to spend time with you. We enjoyed the trip a lot. I definitely recommend the tour to Svaneti.

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