Algeti River

The Algeti River is located in the southwest of Georgia, in the area of ​​Kvemo-Kartli, on the territory of the Algeti National Park. The Algeti River, the tributary of the Kur River, is considered the largest in Kvemo-Kartli. The length of the river is 108 km, it has two tributaries of Dakhvyshevi and Gudarekhiszkali. Lake Kumisi feeds from the river.

The reservoir, built on the Algeti River, is used for irrigation in the Marneuli region. The river is of great agricultural importance for the surrounding villages and settlements.

The territory of the river and the park itself are perfect for trekking, horse riding and simply for family holidays. Besides the fact that the river is an attractive tourist destination, it is of historical importance as well. Some items belonging to the early Eneolithic and late Bronze Age were discovered on the banks of the river.



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