Algeti National Park

The Algeti National Park is considered one of the most picturesque and richest protected areas of Georgia. The reserve is located not far from Tbilisi, on the south-eastern part of the Trialeti Range.

The territory of Algeti first received the status of a protected zone, later, in 2007 it was turned into the Algeti National Park. The reserve covers more than 6,800 hectares, more than 5,000 of the territory is occupied by forests, the rest of it are water reservoirs and fertile meadows.

Due to the diversity of the landscape and picturesque nature, the reserve attracts visitors from all across the country. In the mountains, you will find beautiful streams and waterfalls. The rich flora of the reserve consists of more than 1600 plant species.

The fauna of the national park is no less diverse. In the park, you can observe 80 species of birds, Caucasian deers, foxes and hares, wild boars, bear, and other wild inhabitants.

The Algeti National Park is a great place for eco tours, trekking and camping. Moreover, not far from the park there are important archaeological sites and natural attractions.


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