Alaverdi Monastery

The monastery complex and the Alaverdi Cathedral is located in the village of Alaverdi, 20 km from Telavi, Kakheti. Alaverdi Monastery is the main cathedral of Kakheti.

The monastery was founded in the VI century by Assyrian father Joseph Alaverdi. The monk told stories about his faith and people loved to listen to him. Later, in the XI century, the prince of Kakheti ordered the construction of the Cathedral of St. George on the site of a small church.

During its life, the monastery complex survived countless raids and destruction. After the earthquake in 1530, the cathedral was destroyed by the army of Shah Abbas. The monastery was turned into a bestial yard, and only in 1660 the monastery was liberated.

By the 1930s, the monastery had been destroyed both by Lezgins and the Russian Empire. The monastery complex of Alaverdi was revived in the 90s’ thanks to the efforts of several monks.

Today it is a functioning monastery, which includes the main church of St. George, the bell tower, bath, refectory, winery and ancient Kvevri. There is also a vine museum, and about 500 grape varieties growing in the monastery’s vineyard.


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