Waterfalls in Georgia

Today you will travel to unbelievably beautiful parts of Georgia. We will tell you about the real treasures of the Georgian nature – powerful unique spectacular waterfalls. Do not miss these natural monuments during your trip!

Waterfalls in Georgia: Makhuntseti Waterfall

The mountain region of Georgia, Ajara, is known for its beautiful nature and a lot of natural monuments. If you decide to spend your summer holidays here, for example in Batumi, make sure to travel around its surroundings and enjoy the natural beauties. One of the must-visit attractions is Makhuntseti waterfall which is remote from Batumi to 30 km. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Ajara – a real pride of local residents. You can get to the waterfall from Batumi by any minibus that goes in the direction of Keda village. The road will take about 30 minutes and then you will need to get off at the central highway. By the way, getting off at the right place, you will see two pointers, one to the waterfall and the other to the famous stone bridge, built during the reign of Queen Tamar. This is another attraction of the area. On the way to Makhuntseti, you will hear a pleasant noise of the approaching water. And in a few minutes, there will be an incredible sight. The water falls from the height of 20 meters, breaking on the rocks and dividing into a plurality of splashes. In summer those who wish can swim in the waterfall bowl. They say that the water here rejuvenates. Nearby operates the café offering Georgian dishes.

Waterfalls in Georgia: Gveleti Waterfall

Another incredibly beautiful waterfall is located in Kazbegi region near the small village Gveleti. If you have chance to visit this area don’t forget to include this waterfall in your must-visit list. The path to the waterfall starts from the semi-abandoned village Gveleti. You will go through the picturesque countryside and climb to the narrow pathway to Gveleti canyon. Next, you’ll need to get round the cliff and…Lo and behold! You will see amazing Gveleti waterfall. The whole excursion will take about 4 hours. The water here falls from the deep gorge of Mount Kazbek from the height of 25 meters and is divided into two streams. The width of the upper stream is 2 m and the lower – 4 m. This place is considered one of the most popular among tourists. Do not miss it!

Waterfalls in Georgia: Gurgeniani Waterfall

One of the most powerful waterfalls in Georgia, Gurgeniani waterfall, is located in Kakheti region and is a gem of Lagodekhi Natural Reserve. The water here comes from the river Ninos Khevi and falls from the height of 40 meters – a powerful sight! The path to the waterfall is not easy – you need to wade through the rocky terrain. First, you need to get to the village of Gurgeniani next to which is located the entrance to the reserve. Then starts the hiking route to the waterfall. The length of the itinerary is about 5 km. After the overcoming of a long way and many difficulties, you will have a real reward – a magnificent high waterfall. The reigning around atmosphere gives peace and tranquility. And here is some useful information: the entrance to the reserve costs 10 GEL, and guide services – 45 GEL. You can also rent a tent for 15 GEL, or stay in a double room at the hotel for 50 GEL.

Waterfalls in Georgia: Kinchkha Waterfall

The waterfall Kinchkha is a famous landmark of Western Georgia, Imereti region. It is located in a particularly attractive, wild and uncivilized place in the municipality of Khoni. Kinchkha is a cascade of waterfalls, which consists of two stages. The first stage of the cascade is the waterfall of 100 meters high located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. The water of the first stage forms a small lake at the site of the fall, and hence is formed the second stage. This waterfall is smaller and weaker and has a height of 20 meters. Kinchkha amazes with its beauty and power and its surroundings attract tourists due to the amazing atmosphere of untouched nature.


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