Top 7 reasons to visit Georgia

In recent years, more and more tourists from around the world are choosing Georgia as an attractive tourist destination. There are many reasons for such a boom, and today we want to introduce you to some of them. So, what does this amazing country, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, offer to its guests? And why should you choose Georgia for your vacation?

  1. Treasury of antiquities and shrines

Georgia is a country with an ancient history. Historians suggest that the very first state on the territory of Georgia, Kolkhida kingdom, appeared in the middle of I millennium BC. Georgia is also a country that adopted Christianity almost firsthand. Now on its territory, you can see many magnificent Orthodox churches and monasteries that have a long history and beautiful architecture with excellent shapes and carvings. For those who wish to get in touch with the religious heritage of the country, we recommend first of all to visit Mtskheta – one of the most ancient towns in Georgia, the first capital of Iberia state. Now the town is considered a cult place for all Georgians: nowhere else in Georgia will you find so many saint places of interest! The patriarchal cathedral church Svetitskhoveli is located in Mskheta; it is known for its well-known religious relic – the Heaton of Lord. Jvari temple and Samtavro monastery which keeps a number of saint relics are located in Mckheta as well.

There are many other not less impressive and worth visiting ancient sights in Georgia: Bagrati Temple and Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi, Trinity Church in Stepantsminda, David Gareja Monastery Complex on the border with Azerbaijan, Ateni Sioni Monastery in Ateni, Ikalto Monastery near the village of Ikalto and many others.

  1. The country of the incredible beauty of the mountains and lakes

Georgia is the country of a truly delightful and luxurious nature. It has diverse natural miracles: the snow-covered high mountains, velvet green hills, lush subtropical forests, crystal lakes, swift rivers, and the warm Black Sea.

Due to such a diversity of nature, Georgia is a great place for adventure tourism, trekking and hiking, ecotourism, mountain climbing and beach holidays. And the attitude to nature here is very careful: in the country, a lot of protected areas have been created, where civilization has not reached.

For recreation and relaxation in the lap of nature, you can choose such resorts as Borjomi, Kojori, Utsera, Batumi, Ureki, Tsagveri, Jama. For adventure tourism, we advise paying attention to Bakuriani, Gudauri, Goderdzi, Mestia, Svaneti. Lovers of ecotourism can visit the protected areas such as Algeti, Achmeta, Borjomi, Kazbegi and others.

  1. Cradle of Wine

Do you know that Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world? The traditions of winemaking here are already 8,000 years old. At this time, the country produces a variety of wines, popular both at home and abroad among which the best known are – the white wine “Tsinandali”, semi-sweet red “Akhasheni”, red semi-sweet “Kindzmarauli”, dry white “Kakheti”, red and white semi-sweet “Alazani Valley” and others.

For Georgians wine is a national treasure, they believe that it unites the guests during a feast. Today the Georgian wine industry attracts tourists from around the world and it is no coincidence that recently the country was marked as “the best area for wine tourism.” For those who got interested in the wine industry of Georgia, we have special wine tours, which offer to visit the picturesque wine regions, walk through the vineyards, go down to the wine cellars and taste the best varieties of Georgian wines.

If you do not want to contact any tour agency for a wine tour organization and you prefer to travel by yourself then we want to give you some useful tips for the wine route. The largest number of grape sorts is concentrated in the Kakheti region, which is considered the centre of winemaking in Georgia.

In this picturesque place following sorts grow – Saperavi (red grape), Rkatsiteli (white grape), Mtsvane Kakhuri (white grape), Khikhvi (white grape), Kishi (white grape).

And wine towns and villages that are worth a visit are the following: Kvareli, Tsinandali, Telavi, Akhmeta, Napareuli. And if you travel by car, the pointer “Wine Route” will help you to follow the right route.

  1. A paradise for gourmets

It is no secret that Georgia is a paradise for gourmets. Generous Georgian feasts, beautiful toasts, a huge variety of different fragrant dishes will not leave anyone indifferent. Food for Georgians is not just a meal, it is part of the national culture. Just as Georgia itself, the local cuisine is very diverse: Georgian cooks use a great variety of herbs and greens, fragrant spices, also prepare different kinds of sauces for dishes. Georgians have a lot of recipes for meat, wildfowl and fish dishes. Particular attention should be paid to the Georgian cheese, the sorts of which are in abundance in the country.

Once in Georgia be sure to try several types of flat cheesecake khachapuri (Imereti, Adjara), do not leave unattended delicious pouches with meat and hot broth, khinkali, as well as real Georgian barbecue. For vegetarians, an excellent choice will be pkhali – pate steamed vegetables with peanut sauce, as well as lobio dishes (beans). Sweet lovers should try churchkhela cooked with nuts and grape juice.

  1. The country of true hospitality

Do you know what is the first thing that tourists mention after the travel around Georgia? The answer is quite simple: the kindness and hospitality of locals. Georgians warmly welcome their foreign guests, help to find lodging for the night or any other necessary place and even invite foreigners to their home to take part in the feast. And a visit to the Georgian feast without any doubt worth it! During it, people of different generations gather around one table which is breaking of mouthwatering goodies. The toastmaster directs the whole process and says beautiful toasts. The hosts will make sure that your plate is never left empty and that you have tried all the served dishes.

  1. Tender whisper of the sea

The Black Sea is a gem of Georgia! On the seashore, you will enjoy the tender splashes of the warm sea, the hot sun rays, lush subtropical vegetation, interesting sights, and, of course, special local cuisine. The most popular Black Sea resort town is located on the territory of the Adjara region. That’s Batumi – the best choice for those who want to spend the bright and eventful holiday. Batumi has recently become the main seaside resort and tourist centre of Georgia. Batumi’s beach is amazing; it stretches around the perimeter of the city over 7 km! Those who wish to run away from city hustle and bustle and relax in the lap of nature can choose Kobuleti, Chakvi, Makhinjauri, Sarpi, Kvariati.

  1. Fiery dances and polyphonic singing

Georgia is the country with a unique and rich culture. Emotional and fiery Georgian national dances and polyphonic singing will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of art. Georgian dances reflect the whole history of the country. That is the greatest art which will make you experience the true cultural pleasure! Polyphonic singing so popular in the country is considered a unique phenomenon and only a few nations in the world can “boast” of such wealth. Needless to say, come to Georgia and experience it yourself!

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