Taxi in Tbilisi

Taxi service is one of the most popular around the world for both locals and tourists. Tourists more often move on by taxi having no information about the roads of the unknown city and location of specific attractions. That is why the number of taxi services is increasing in the big cities that offer not only low prices but also special services of interest for tourists.

Just like any other big city Tbilisi has a great number of taxi services as well. To date, the city has numerous taxi services and private cars, which are available at any time of the day or night. In addition, recently online taxi services are getting more popular; those services offer an opportunity to order a taxi from the website or mobile app. This feature allows you to get a taxi using geolocation and without knowing your address. Residents of big cities are familiar with this service and will be happy to use online taxi services in Tbilisi.

Taxi in Tbilisi: national particularities

One of the first things to know about taxi services and private taxis are a significantly lower price. If you decide to use the services of a private taxi, you can offer your own price and reach an agreement. The rate from close areas to the centre will be no more than 5 GEL. For late hours private taxis may offer a higher rate, still, the price will be lower than in any other European city. The trip from the airport to the city centre will cost about 30 GEL. Private taxi is a mostly old foreign car without a taximeter. Most tourists travel about the city or country by a single taxi that becomes takes a special role of travel guide during the entire tour.

The tariffs of taxi services are lower. Plus, many taxi services have fared in the city centre, 3 GEL. The contacts of taxi services can be found in online directories.

The approximate taxi rates in Tbilisi:

  • the fare is calculated based on the price 1 GEL per 1 km;
  • waiting time 10 GEL for 1 hour
  • the rent of taxi will cost at least 80 GEL for one day.

Taxi in Tbilisi: online taxi services

A more convenient and faster way to find a taxi is to take advantage of the online taxi service. Today there are several popular online taxi services in Tbilisi, that have applications for Android OS and iOS.

Maxim online taxi service

Maxim online taxi service is the most popular in Georgia, as it offers a modern, safe and affordable way to order a taxi. Online taxi service is available in other CIS countries, that is why the level of service meets the international requirements.

Online taxi service is available on App Store, Google Play and for Microsoft.  The website and applications are available in 6 languages.

TaxiOnn online taxi service

Another way to order a taxi online is to get TaxiOnn application or order taxi on the website. On the website, you will find the information about the minimum rate, the price for 1 km and detailed information about the trip to the airport or vice versa. You can order a taxi on the website or by using the applications for iOS on the  App Store and OS on Google Play.

GG online taxi service

Simple yet very optional application of online taxi service offers high-quality service at low prices. In the application, you can choose economy or business class cars as well as and monitor the movement of a taxi on the map. The application is available in 4 languages. The app is available on the Play Store and the App Store.


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