Street food in Tbilisi – a Guide for Tourists

Georgian cuisine is one of the most popular and beloved in the Caucasus. The specific local dishes are highly appreciated by tourists. Tourists can try the local cuisine in both Georgian luxury national restaurants and in small fast-food cafes and bistros. Of course, for the budget traveller, it is more profitable to try street food, although the Georgian street food can hardly be categorized as the fast-food you are used to.

Street food in Tbilisi is rather inexpensive. Taking into consideration the fact that the Georgian dishes are of high-calorie and nutritious, for a small fee you can have a great dinner. Just take into consideration that many dishes here are spicy. In this article we’d like to tell you about the tastiest street food in Tbilisi and highlight some places where you can enjoy a tasty snack:

Street food in Tbilisi: Machakhela

The one who visits Georgia should definitely try a real khachapuri. Just imagine, you visit Rome and leave the city without seeing Colosseum. It is nothing but nonsense. One of the most popular places where you can try all kinds of Georgian khachapuri is Machakhela. This Georgian khachapuri cannot be compared with the one you have probably tried at home.

Address Tumanian st 23, Tbilisi
Phone +995 322 14 21 42
Working hours round-the-clock


Street food in Tbilisi: Samikitno-Machakhela

If you liked khachapuri in Machakhela, you should definitely visit another restaurant of the same chain Samikitno-Machakhela that offers large, and, what is more important, delicious range of real Georgian dishes. The restaurant is located in the city centre, on Freedom Square: it is the ideal place for lunch during your walk through the city. Regardless of the location of the restaurant and its popularity, the prices are available for the budget traveller.

Address Freedom Square 5/7, T’bilisi
Phone +995 577 96 77 66
Working hours 08:00-01:00


Street food in Tbilisi: Khinkali House

It is pretty hard to choose the best khinkali house among so many places. You may spend the whole day looking for it since it is not just a café or restaurant, the khinkali house is part of the culture! If you have never tried khinkali before you can read about this appetizing dish in our previous article. One of the most popular places in the city centre is the Khinkali House that represents the traditional Georgian tavern in the best way. The restaurant is located near the metro Rustaveli, in the most crowded area of the city. The restaurant’s interior is quite simple, but warm atmosphere and delicious food fill the place with bright colours.

Address Rustaveli st 37, Tbilisi
Phone +995 593 14 22 53
Working hours round-the-clock


Street food in Tbilisi: Wetzel’s Pretzels

Surely it is worth trying the local cuisine and you will definitely find a favourite Georgian dish, but if you miss the familiar street food like classy burgers and doughnuts, you can find a decent place in Tbilisi to taste them.

Everyone loves delicious pretzels from Wetzel’s Pretzels. Once you try, you will never forget the taste and you can’t just pass by the bright cafe of Wetzel’s Pretzels without tasting one of their delicious pretzels. A small café is located in the centre, on Rustaveli Street.

Address Rustaveli st 36, T’bilisi
Phone +995 790175175

Street food in Tbilisi: McDonald’s

Walking through the city centre you will definitely notice the sign of McDonald’s at a distance. The brand keeps its concept and you will see everything that you love so much about McDonald’s here in Tbilisi. Well if you miss the taste of classy burgers, and you are near the metro Rustaveli, you know where to go.

Address Mikheil Zandukeli St, T’bilisi
Phone 995 322 96 69 67
Working hours 08:00-00:00


Street food in Tbilisi: Small Shops

Throughout the city, there are placed small shops with various goodies, dried and fresh fruit. While in other countries, you are advised to stay away from street food, in Tbilisi, you can easily buy even pastries on the street. After you have tried khachapuri, doughnuts and pies, drunk coffee or fresh juice you can continue walking around the city and sightseeing.


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