Privacy policy of MyGeo company


Privacy policy of MyGeo company

MyGeo Company does not collect any personal information about the clients unless they themselves wish to present it. The transmission of any information is completely voluntary and is carried out only at the initiative of the client. We may use personal information to provide an answer to your question or to provide the requested service. There may be cases when the lack of any necessary information about the client will prevent us to provide the necessary service.

There are some types of information that are stored on our website: IP-address and dates of visits to our site. We need this information in order to monitor our web site attendance, as well as to make the site more useful for all users.

Social resources

Apart from the main web site, our company has pages in the most popular social networks of the world. We use them to communicate with the public, inform about various events, tours, as well as to promote various information published on our website. We do not use these web pages to collect or store any personal information. No personal information can be transferred by us to a third party.


During a visit to our or any other web site, your computer receives cookies – small pieces of data that are sent to the server and stored on your computer. Cookies can be sessional or permanent. They are used for storing personal user preferences, optimizing the website navigation, and for determining whether the user has visited the site for the first time or not.

You can disable the cookie option in your browser.