Mysterious Caves in Georgia

So many mysterious caves with underground lakes and rivers are hidden in the mountains of Georgia. Every year they attract hundreds of thousands of tourists. Many of these caves keep traces of dinosaurs and witnessing those treasures is an invaluable adventure. We would like to present you an overview of the most impressive mysterious caves in Georgia, which definitely worth a visit.

Caves in Georgia: Prometheus Cave (Kumistavi)

The cave of Prometheus is located in the west of Georgia, 20 km from Kutaisi, near the town of Tskhaltubo. The cave is considered the most popular of its kind, in addition, it is the largest in Georgia. Despite the fact that only the smallest part of the cave is accessible to visitors, a walk in the area will take more than an hour. Due to the underground lakes and rivers, it is very damp in the caves.

Kumistavi is a unique network with separate rooms. The total length of the cave is about 22 km (only 1420 m are accessible).

The cave is lit by multicolored lamps, that make it look more attractive. Still, for some of us, the natural beauty of the cave is more interesting.
The cave has got its present name just recently to attract tourists. The legend of Prometheus, who gave fire to people is known throughout the world. The Georgians have their own legend about Amirani, who also gave fire to people and was brutally punished by the gods. According to the myth, Amirani was chained in the cave of Kumistavi.

Walking through the stalactites, by boat along the underground river and walking along the grottoes of the cave will give you an unforgettable experience.

The tour about the care is paid, it costs 7 GEL / 2.5 €. Tour on the boat about the underground river will cost another 7 GEL / 2.5 €. You can reach the cave by public transport from Kutaisi to Tskhaltubo (1 GEL / 0.37 €). From the bus station Tskhaltubo, departs the transport to the cave (1.5 GEL / 0.5 €).

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Caves in Georgia: Sataplia 

The reserve of Sataplia is located in the west of Georgia, 6 km from Kutaisi, near the cave of Prometheus. The reserve of Sataplia is a huge park with a forest and a cave where both children and adults will spend an unforgettable time.

The walk begins by examining dinosaur tracks. More than 200 dinosaur prints were found on the territory and they are considered rare. Footprints were left unprotected all the time and only past few years they are placed in a special building and now are protected.

The road to the cave goes through a forest where dinosaur statues are exhibited. Then the road descends into the cave. Stalactites in the cave are lit with colored lamps. The heart of the cave is a huge stalagmite in the shape of the heart.

After examining the cave, go straight to the glass observation platform over the cliff. At such an altitude, walking along the glass bridge is quite an extreme task.

The entrance to the park is paid, it costs 6 GEL/2,25 €. Throughout the park, a guide will be with you to tell the most interesting stories about the park. The cave can be reached by public transport from Kutaisi (2 GEL / 0,75 €). Travel by taxi will cost about 15 GEL/5.6 €.

Caves in Georgia: Melouri

At 3 km from the cave Prometheus there is another cave Melouri. The cave is located on the bottom of the funnel. The total length of the cave is 2000m. The path takes you through the dry halls to the underground canyons with lakes and rivers. The passage of the Melouri cave is rather complicated and requires special preparation.

Caves in Georgia: Bgheri Cave

Another cave in the Tskhaltub region is Bgheri that is popular among climbers and the lovers of extreme sport. The high complexity of the passage of the cave requires special skills and it is advised to pass the cave with a professional guide.

Bgheri cave is at an altitude of 450 m above sea level. To enter the cave you need to go down through the 20-meter waterfall, and you will find yourself in halls with stalactites. In the cave, there is an underground lake and a river.

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