Mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi

Mount Mtatsminda (the name is translated as “Holy Mountain”) is located in the center of Tbilisi, on the right bank of the Kura River. It is one of the most popular sights of the capital, a kind of symbol of the city. This place is interesting both from the point of view of history and culture, as a natural phenomenon and as an excellent place for entertainment and recreation. So, are you planning to visit Tbilisi? Make sure to include this attraction in your cultural program, in our turn we will provide you with some useful information about Mtatsminda:

Mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi: how to get there?

You can get to mount Mtatsminda in several ways. You can get to the park by bus (N90 and N124) from the metro station Rustaveli, however, tourists rarely choose this way.

More popular way to get to the top is by funicular (2 GEL/0.74 €). The line was opened several years ago, the trains are new and modern. The climbing is not extreme, but from the height there opens a beautiful view of the city center.

The funicular has three stops: the first stop is the Lower station at the center of Tbilisi, the second stop is the pantheon and the third is the Mtatsminda mountain. The funicular is open every day from 09:00 am to 04:00 am. At night, the fare is 3 GEL/1.11 €.

The lovers of hiking can also climb the mountain on foot: a footpath leads from the Chonkadze street, the climbing will take no more than an hour.

Mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi: amusement park

From the very first moment, the park attracts with its bright colors and impressive sculptures. At the entrance, you are offered to purchase a card (the price for card is 1 GEL/0.37 €, the cost of one attraction is 1-5 GEL/0.37-1.84 €). The card can be recharged in any amount that will be spent on the attractions in the park. Since you can not return the money remaining on the card, no need to charge it in a large amount. Plus, once you buy a magnetic card, you can use it anytime.

The park is divided into several sectors: an area of extreme entertainment, a family recreation area and playgrounds for children. Attractions, cafes, restaurants, and all the rest in the park are designed in a fantasy style. You can hardly ignore and pass by inverted houses, caves, and even the toilet that looks very original!

The park has a huge number of attractions and carousels for visitors of all ages. The most popular one is the Ferris wheel. From the highest point of the attraction there opens the best view of the old Tbilisi. The glass cabins are comfortable and safe so that you will feel protected even at the highest point. You can also view the panorama from the observation deck of the park. The television tower next to the wheel is illuminated at night and from a distance, it turns into the local Eiffel Tower.

The roller coaster and water attractions are no less popular, but waterslides are open only in the summer months. In addition to entertainment, Mtatsminda Mountain is famous for its green area: the whole territory is decorated with grass, bushy trees and flowers. It is always pleasant to take a walk in the park: at every step, there are comfortable benches for rest, a walk near the fountains is refreshing on hot days, and in the evening you can listen to the live performance of the orchestra.

Mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi: more attractions

In addition to the entertainment park on Mtatsminda Mountain and on the way to the top there are other attractions that are worth visiting.

There is a pantheon on the way to the top where famous figures as Alexander Griboyedov, Akaki Tsereteli, Nikoloz Baratashvili are buried. Here you will also see monuments to the poet Vazha Pshavela, actor Sergo Zakariadze, artist Vakhtang Chabukiani and others.

On the slope of the mountain, there is the church of St. David. It was built in honor of David Garedjiyskiy, one of the founders of the Georgian monasticism who lived on the mountain in a cave.

There is a popular restaurant Funicular not far from the park that is known for its delicious donuts and Adjara khachapuri. At one time the restaurant was one of the most popular in the city, Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher, Alain Delon and other honored guests visited and enjoyed delicious dishes here.


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