Lakes in Georgia

Today we’d like to continue a series of articles about the natural gems of Georgia and will tell you about the most beautiful lakes of the country. You will have a fascinating virtual journey through the most beautiful corners of Georgia!

Lakes in Georgia: Paravani Lake

Paravani Lake is the largest lake in Georgia. It is located in the south of the country in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. The area of the lake is 38 and the depth is more than 3 meters. Paravani is surrounded by amazing and picturesque nature. This area is especially beautiful in spring when everything is reviving and blooming. The only moment that should be taken into account – the climate here is very harsh. Starting from mid-autumn to mid-spring it is cold here and the lake is covered with ice. The government is planning to turn the territory of the lake into the environmental tourism area and plant the coniferous forest around.

Lakes in Georgia: Paleostomi

Paleostomi is a small and very beautiful lake which is located on the territory of Colchis Reserve not far from the Black Sea coast near the town of Poti. To be more specifically Paleostomi is more a firth than a lake as it is fed by two rivers Fechora and Kaparcha. The climate here is mild and warm; even in winter, the lake does not freeze. It is a popular place among fishermen since the lake has a large number of fish species. It is worth taking a trip to the lake not only because of the fishing – here you can have a rest, relax and take a ride on a boat.

Lakes in Georgia: Bazaleti

High in the mountains at a distance of 60 km from Tbilisi, there is a small Lake Bazaleti. It does not stand out with some special rates – the depth or the large area, but despite that, it is very popular among tourists. The fact is that the area around the lake is a great wellness center where you can also see interesting natural attractions. The lake is of volcanic origin and has healing properties – its water and mud are suitable for treating the diseases of dermatological, gynecological, rheumatological characters. And the air here is suitable for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The other no less important factor is that the area of the lake is good for a rest in any season.  And the beauty of the sunrise and sunset on the lake is difficult to be described in words.

Lakes in Georgia: Koruldi

Far away in Svaneti region on the high plateau is located amazing Koruldi Lakes. They are surrounded by alpine meadows and impressing panoramic views. You can reach them only by the four-wheel drive vehicles. That area is an excellent place for picnics and camping. Just take into account that the water in lakes is cold and dirty – so that swimming in them will not be a good idea.

Lakes in Georgia: Oreti

In the luxurious mountain region of Georgia – Tusheti – there is a small beautiful Lake Oreti. You can reach it only on foot or on horseback. The hiking usually starts from the village Kumelaurta. The best season for it is early summer - exactly in this period of time, the nature is in the peak of blooming and the lake itself is full of water. This hiking journey will especially interest ecotourism lovers as on the way the hikers can meet various kinds of birds and mammals and watch them.

Lakes in Georgia: Abudelauri

On the southern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range are located three unique lakes united by one name – Abudelauri Lakes. These hidden in the mountains gems are also called Colorful Lakes, and the thing is that each of them has its own color and peculiarities. The most beautiful is Blue Lake surrounded by thickets of rhododendron. White Lake has milky color and is the deepest and the highest. Green Lake is shallow and the water in it has a greenish tint because of the reflecting in the water  green. The lakes are located not far from each other, at a distance of about 1.5 km. Each of them has volcanic character, and they are fed by melt water of a mountain river. Most of the year they are covered with ice.


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