Free Wi-Fi in Tbilisi

The modern world is difficult to imagine without high technology and new modes of communication. One of the key means of communication is the Internet and wireless Wi-Fi network, which has replaced the telephone and cellular communication. The ability to stay connected to the World Wide Web from almost any corner of the planet incredibly facilitates our everyday life, helping to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as to solve some job-oriented issues that may arise during the holidays. It is safe to say that Tbilisi loves the Internet! In this article, we will tell you about the Wi-Fi connection in Tbilisi and about the main places offering free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi in Tbilisi: Tbilisi Loves You                  

In 2012, an ambitious project was announced by the launch of the world’s first municipal wireless network, which will cover the entire capital of Georgia Tbilisi, offering its residents and numerous guests free wireless Internet access. Of course, this idea was firstly aimed to develop tourism in the country and attract a large number of tourists to the country. The project also aims to develop the freedom of communication, education and access to information, both for locals and tourists.

“Tbilisi Loves You” Free Wi-Fi-network is already available in all the central areas of the city. The municipal network is extremely convenient for tourists, as it helps to stay connected without any extra costs. You can always walk freely on the cosy streets of Tbilisi and at the same time share your fresh experiences and photos with friends on social networks! After the full implementation of the project in the future, it will be possible to connect to the fast and convenient internet on the streets, squares, and institutions of higher education, in cars, buses and subways. To connect to the free network you will only need to turn on your computer, smartphone or any other device, find the network called “Tbilisi Loves You” and surf the web without any restrictions. Currently, you can use the free Wi-Fi on the renewed prospect of David Agmashenebeli, in Abanotubani, Freedom Square, Gldani, and Varketili.

Free Wi-Fi in Tbilisi: Transport

Apart from the fact that the city authorities plan to expand the Tbilisi municipal free network, also there are projects on the implementation of free internet connection in public transport. Free Wi-Fi system is available in a mini-bus # 2. Buses are equipped with special stickers that show the presence of Wi-Fi-network. In the future, they plan to increase the number of mini-buses with free Internet service.

Free Wi-Fi in Tbilisi: Cafes, restaurants, hotels

In the 21st century, one can hardly find a restaurant or café that does not offer their visitors free Internet. In Tbilisi, a huge number of cafes and restaurants offering access to the World Network for free in addition to delicious dishes. You can easily take your dish or drink and ask the waiter to tell the password of the Wi-Fi. The same statement is true in the case of hotels. Today, not only upscale 5-star hotels but also medium 3-star hotels and even hostels offer their visitors free Wi-Fi connection.

Free Wi-Fi in Tbilisi: Shopping centres

If you plan to spend time shopping for a grand, you can easily go to any shopping centre in Tbilisi and not worry about the means of communication, as each of them has free Wi-Fi access. Among the largest and most famous shopping centres, which offer not only a great selection of shops and global brands but also a lot of entertainment in the form of movies, bowling, children’s attractions and a food court, we can list Tbilisi Mall, Carvasla (Caravanserai), East Point.

Thus, in this article we have shown that Tbilisi, being an ancient city with centuries of history, is at the same time developing and discovering the latest technology, implementing the boldest plans, one of which is surely the municipal wireless network called “Tbilisi Loves You”.


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