Coronavirus in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan - only real facts for travelers

Probably, the most discussed topic in the world for today is the outbreak of coronavirus disease first detected in China and spreading around the world. We at My Geo are concerned about the current situation in the world and being the travel company cannot remain indifferent to this problem. Each day we follow the reliable information only from trustful sources. Being the Caucasus tour operator we are highly informed about the current situation in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and are ready to share all the reliable updated facts with you. We can say with confidence that in our region there is no need to panic, all things are under control and there are only positive predictions for the future.

Keep reading and learn all the full information about the virus in the Caucasus. All the information shared bellow corresponds to September 7, 2020.

Coronavirus in the South Caucasus: Some Facts

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that passes from person to person just like the simple flu. The ongoing epidemic disease was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan. No one was serious about the coronavirus, because we have already seen H1N1, H5N1 and we have survived. There were thousands of memes about coronavirus and we were just waiting for the news that China has found the vaccine. Unfortunately, the situation got serious when the virus started spreading outside of China. Most countries started travel restrictions and quarantines. The constant situation of closed borders may soon bring to economic instability in most countries.

Some good news is that Chinese authorities reported only 54 new cases. This is the lowest number of people infected during the last month. It means, there is a positive dynamics and there are all chances that we will soon forget about COVID-19 and congratulate each other for another victory against the disease.

Coronavirus in the South Caucasus: Real situation in Armenia

We at My Geo are concerned about the situation in the world in particular in the countries of the South Caucasus, namely Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.  We can confidently state that there is yet no need to panic. We follow the real information from trustful sources every day, so we are ready to share all the news with you. 

Until the last days of February, there were no cases of Coronavirus in the South Caucasus region. The situation changed after Iran reported cases of COVID-19 on its territory. The neighbouring countries including Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan immediately reacted to the bad news and closed their borders.

For now, Armenia has suspended land border crossings and partially restricted air travel. Any movement on the border is inspected. Furthermore, Armenia has suspended a visa-free regime with China that was just implemented (the period is now up to 31 March).

There was no official case of infection till 02.29.2020. On 03.01.2020 the first case was recorded. It was a 29-year-old man who arrived by plane from Tehran to Yerevan. According to the minister, all the passengers on the plane, as well as the crew, were in medical masks. A separate exit from the airport building was organized for all of them. It is significant that the virus was not detected at the patient’s wife.

All the passengers were examined by doctors and no one appeared to be infected. The young man with coronavirus together with his wife was isolated. He feels good now and doesn’t have a temperature. All the people he contacted before (passengers, doctors and even taxi drivers) were isolated as well.

The government now is doing its best to stop the virus spread. The state of emergency was declared. All people try to stay at home and avoid public places. The restaurants, cafes, malls and educational institutions were closed. The police are strictly following for all the rules to be obeyed. All the people who are supposed to have any contact with the infected are immediately isolated. We believe that such strict rules will lead to the decline of the epidemic. 

Nowadays the situation is much more serious. The number of cases has increased. However, the government does it best to control the situation.

Total cases - 44,845

Total deaths - 900

Coronavirus in the South Caucasus: Real situation in Georgia

Georgia halted flights from and to Iran back on 23 February and organized emergency flights to evacuate Georgian citizens. On the borders, there are now extra checks for everyone crossing the land border. The government and the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health advised the locals to cancel trips to South Korea, Iran, China and Italy.  The first case was reported on the territory of Georgia on 27 February and it was the first in the region. The 50-year-old man arrived from Iran via Azerbaijan. After this case, the government announced a ban on Iranian residents to enter Georgia. And it should be noted that the two detected men were in Iran together and interacted. All the infected are isolated.

Total cases - 1,684

Total deaths - 19

Coronavirus in the South Caucasus: Real situation in Azerbaijan

After the official announced cases in Iran Azerbaijan started taking preventive measures at all borders and airports. On 28 February, the crisis center of Azerbaijan confirmed the first case of the Coronavirus on the territory. Russian national travelling from Iran to Azerbaijan was tested positive for COVID-19. For now, the flights from and to Iran are restricted yet strictly controlled. Azerbaijan said on 29 February it had closed its border with Iran for two weeks.

Every country is trying its best to protect residents and guests from any problem including Coronavirus. The South Caucasus is strong and we do believe that soon COVID-19 will be just another black page in world history.

Total cases - 37,329

Total deaths - 548

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Coronavirus in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan - only real facts for travelers

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