Duration: 11 days/ 10 nights
Location: Georgia
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Tour to Upper Svaneti

Day 1

  • Arrival at the airport, transfer to the hotel


Overnight: 3* hotel in Tbilisi

Day 2

  • Sightseeing tour around Tbilisi
  • Visit to Simon Janashia’s museum – one of the history museums of the city. It keeps rich archaeological and ethnographic collections of different eras.
  • Pleasent walk along paved streets surrounded by historical buildings.
  • Visit to Jabaridze Tower which is known due to the small angel that “lives” under the tower roof and every hour knocks the bell with his small hammer and returns to his house flapping his wings.
  • Visit to the Bridge of Peace designed by a well-known Italian architect
  • Stop at Tamada Monument (toast-master) – an enlarged copy of the historic sculpture found in Vani. Tamada plays a very important role during all Georgian feasts and parties.
  • Trip to the historical district of Metekhi, where you will visit the Assumption Church located on the picturesque hill
  • Trip to Narikala fortress located on a hill. You will reach the fortress by a cable car, and at the top, a spectacular view of the city opens. You will go down by foot. Continuation of the tour to the waterfall.
  • Excursion to the sulfuric baths square – famous bath complex (XVII-XIX cc.), standing on the natural sulfur spring
  • Continuation tour to Mtatsminda Funicular. When you reach the Chonqadze Street, you will go via tramway to Funicular. From the point opens breathtaking landscapes on the entire city.


Overnight: 3* hotel in Tbilisi

Walking distance: 3 km

The maximum height above sea level: 770 m

Day 3

  • Departure from Tbilisi to Kutaisi, in West Georgia.
  • Depart to Cave town of Uplistsikhe – this ancient cave town, carved in the rock, is one of the first towns in Georgia, and it dates back to the end of II the beginning of I millennium BC.
  • Visit Gelati monastery (XIIc) which is a UNESCO Heritage Site with one of the most well-preserved frescoes of Georgian iconography. The complex comprises a monastery, an academy, and a church.
  • Visit Motsameta monastery. Very interesting sight, built in river Tskaltsitela (translated in Georgian as – “Red Water”) gorge.
  • Free time in Kutaisi


Overnight: 3* hotel in Kutaisi, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 3 – 5 km 

The maximum height above sea level: 300-400 m

Day 4

  • Departure from Kutaisi to Svaneti, to the west part of Georgia.
  • After a long driving, you will visit principal patrimonial palace museum of Dadiani in Zugdidi. The Palace’s Museum keeps exhibits of the cultural heritage of Georgia – treasure materials, Mother of God holy vesture, manuscripts from XIII-XIV centuries, miniatures, memorial relics of Dadiani dynasty, and objects connected to the emperor of Napoleon Bonaparte – brought to the palace by the husband of David Dadiani’s daughter.
  • Free time for lunch
  • Trip to Enguri Reservoir and stop for enjoying the scenery. Here you will enjoy the views of bluish, greenish water and its surroundings.
  • The trip will continue to Mestia. The town is the administrative center of Upper Svaneti. The whole region is known for its unique architecture, fascinating nature and surroundings of Caucasian mountains.


Overnight: 3* hotel in Mestia, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 3 km

The maximum height above sea level: 1500 m

Day 5

  • Visit to Khergiani house-museum dedicated to the most famous Georgian mountain-climber Mikhail Khergiani also known as “a tiger of rock”. This alias was given by the Britain Queen Elizabeth the II, because of his braveness and flexible techniques used while climbing the rocks. In the museum, there is a special corner where you will see the videos of Mikhail’s most important achievements in alpinism and also the equipment which he used for climbing.
  • Next stop – Margiani house-museum located at a distance of about 760 meters far from Khergiani house-museum. Margiani house is one of the main sights in Mestia; it represents the dwelling complex of powerful noble. Here you will get acquainted with the customs and traditions of Svanetian families.
  • Visit to Svaneti Ethnography museum founded in 1936, here you will see the most important and precious treasures of the region and not only. Most of the museum icons were made in the 11th century by Svanetian masters in a unique and distinguished style. The museum keeps also the numismatics collection from the Old World.
  • Trip to Hatsvali ski resort. Here you will take an airway tramway and go up the top hill. From the top open breathtaking views which are truly enchanting.
  • Visit to Betqili sour waters, as the region is abundantly gifted with sour waters. The water comes directly from the ground.
  • In the evening you will have free time. Those who wish will be able to go up to Svanetian tower which overlooks the landscapes.


Overnight: 3* hotel in Mestia, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 3 – 5 km

The maximum height above sea level: 2347 m

Day 6

  • Early in the morning, you will depart to Ushguli – the highest eternal settlement in Europe. People connect the etymology of word “ushguli” to the phrase “ushishari guli”- which is translated from Georgian as – “the fearless heart”. This is because historically, the community of Ushguli was brave and has always been free.
  • On the way, you will stop at Love Tower standing on Enguri River shore, in Ifari village. According to an interesting legend, the place represents the symbol of lovers.
  • Visit to the church of the Virgin Lamaria, dating back to IX-X centuries. Here are kept the ancient frescos.
  • Visit to Ushguli ethnography museum, where is represented the interior of Svanetian house invariably.
  • Short walk in Ushguli after which you will depart to Mestia


Overnight: 3* hotel in Mestia, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 3 – 5 km

The maximum height above sea level: 2100 m

Day 7

  • After breakfast, you will start your tour by visiting Koruldi lakes located at about 2850 meters above the sea level. In the area, you will be pleasantly shocked by breathtaking landscapes.
  • Visit to Chalaadi glacier. Here you will have free time to enjoy the views.
  • Return back to Mestia
  • Free time in the evening in Mestia


Overnight: 3* hotel in Mestia, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 3 – 5 km

The maximum height above sea level: 2850 m

Day 8

  • The day will start with the visit to village Becho
  • Hike to Shdugra waterfalls – one of the largest and charming waterfalls in Georgia. You will start your walk from the village Mazeri, the route will lead you to adorable meadows firstly and then to needles forests and the river. Then you will pass a wooden bridge and in a few minutes in front of you will open an amazing, great view.
  • Return back to transport
  • Free time for buying souvenirs

Overnight: 3* hotel in Mestia, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 2-3 km

The maximum height above sea level: 2200 m

Day 9

  • Drive to Martvili canyons (through Zugdidi) which attract a large number of visitors with its adorable wild nature, practically untouched by humans places. Martvili canyons used to be a bathing place for Dadiani family. Now people visit this area to enjoy the scenery, its waterfalls and take a boat trip along the river of deep green color.
  • Later you will continue the way to the Gochkadili water reservoir, which is about 2 minutes driving from Martvili canyon and is distinguished with beautiful views and a nice scenery.
  • Trip to Balda gorge. The car will stop at Balda monastery from where you will continue your way by foot. The route is simple and straight, with the length of about 1,3 km. After covering this distance you will appear in front of a beautiful Kaghu waterfall.


Overnight: 3* hotel in Kutaisi, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 2-3 km

The maximum height above sea level: 300-350 m

Day 10

  • Morning trip to Sataplia – the national reserve located in amazing mountains.
  • Departure to Tbilisi
  • Digress from the way and visit to Guramishvili winery, close to Tbilisi. Here you will visit the oldest attraction of the Georgian cultural heritage – Thaddeus Guramishvili’s wine cellar. You will get introduced to the Georgian culture and taste some delicious Georgian wines. This sight of Guramishvili’s and St. Ilia the Righteous is one of the most essential and magnificent touristic attractions in Georgia.
  • Drive back to Tbilisi


Overnight: 3* hotel in Tbilisi, meals: breakfast

Walking distance: 1,5 – 2 km

The maximum height above sea level: 500-650 m

Day 11

  • Transfer to the airport, departure

Detailed Tour Information

  • The price of the tour includes:

    • Transfer to/from the airport
    • Accommodation in hotels
    • Meals – breakfast
    • All transfers performed by air-conditioned/heated cars/buses
    • English-speaking guide service during all days
    • Vehicle for reaching some places in Svaneti
    • Wine tasting
    • Admission fees
    • The price of the tour doesn't include:

      • Flights
      • Visa fee
      • Medical insurance
      • Lunch and dinner
      • Hotel in Tbilisi: 3* Astoria Hotel or similar
        Hotel in Kutaisi: 3* Old Town Hotel or similar
        Hotel in Mestia: 3* Svaneti Hotel
        • Documents:
        • Passport, flight ticket (printed or electronic), insurance, visa (if required)
        • Essential:
        • Credit/debit cards, cash (cards can be used in city, cash in regions), moneybelt, laptop/tablet/phone, chargers, camera with extra memory cards and batteries, outlet adapter
        • Other:
        • First-aid kit (plaster, antibacterial gel, cold medicine), umbrella
        • Clothing:
          • Spring/Autumn. Light clothing and clothing with long sleeves for a cool evening, rainproof shoes and raincoat in case of rain
          • Summer. Light clothing preferably made of natural fabric, a hat for sun protection, sunglasses
          • Winter. Warm clothing, coats, waterproof warm shoes, scarf, gloves
          Please note, that to enter Georgian orthodox churches ladies will need to have scarves for covering their heads (they can find some at the entrances). In some cases, ladies will be warned to wear skirts. Short trousers are forbidden in the church.  

      Guaranteed Tour Dates 2019

      3- 13 June 15 – 25  July 12 – 22 Aug.
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      2 – 12 September  7- 17  October Any Date
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